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Episode Guide

    • Episode 401 - Town Hall Meeting
      Episode 401 - Town Hall Meeting
      Season 4 - Episode 1
      Bob Costas takes CostasNOW out of the studio and into a town hall format, where the sports media is spotlighted.
    • Episode 108 - Tom Brady
      Episode 108 - Tom Brady
      Season 1 - Episode 8
      In this episode New England Quarterback Tom Brady is honoured as Sports Illustrated's Sportsman of the Year. The show also takes a look at other top athletes of 2005.
    • Episode 301 - College Basketball
      Episode 301 - College Basketball
      Season 3 - Episode 1
      A story about the today's college athletes and whether the emphasis is on sports or studies. A look back at the national championship run of the University of North Carolina men's basketball team in 1957.
    • Episode 101- Amphetamines in Baseball
      Bob Costas takes a look at the problem of amphetamines in baseball. Guest panelists include Charles Barkley, John McEnroe, and Cris Collinsworth, with correspondant Armen Keteyian.
    • Episode 302 - Major League Baseball
      An in-depth look at Barry Bonds' chase of Hank Aaron's all-time home run record; interviews with Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling and the Commissioner of Major League Baseball; Chris Rock and Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith join Bob Costas for a round table discussion.
    • Episode 303 - The National Football League
      A profile of Chargers running back and former NFL MVP LaDainian Tomlinson; Bob Costas interviews NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Hall of Famer Earl Campbell.
    • Episode 304 - 2007 in Review
      Episode 304 - 2007 in Review
      Season 3 - Episode 4
      Bob Costas looks back at some of the top sports stories; included is a profile of the Red Sox's David Ortiz. John McEnroe and Charles Barkley join Bob for a roundtable discussion.
    • Episode 402 - Town Hall Meeting: The State of Baseball
      Bob Costas is joined by panelists consisting of some baseballs greatest to discuss the topics that mean most to baseball, including a look at the Hall of Fame and the current state of baseball. Hank Aaron and Willie Mays also join Bob to look back at their careers.
    • Episode 403 - With Aaron & Mays
      Episode 403 - With Aaron & Mays
      Season 4 - Episode 3
      In this special edition of CostasNOW, Bob Costas interviews two of baseball's all-time giants Hank Aaron and Willie Mays.
    • Episode 203 - SI Sportsman of the Year
      Features the Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year and a roundtable panel with Charles Barkley, Joe Buck and John McEnroe.
    • Episode 202 - Reggie Bush
      Episode 202 - Reggie Bush
      Season 2 - Episode 2
      In interview with New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush. Also, a look at the gambling scandal involving Paul Hornung and the 1963 Green Bay Packers.
    • Episode 102 - Lee Janzen & Aaron Stewart
      An interview with Reggie Miller. A look at the friendship between golfer Aaron Stewart and Lee Janzen. Also, a panel discussion regarding efforts to increase the minimum age for NBA entry.
    • Episode 105 - Paul Newman
      Episode 105 - Paul Newman
      Season 1 - Episode 5
      Bob Costas travels to Philadelphia, Mississippi to interview Archie Manning, who evacuated from New Orleans two days before Hurricane Katrina hit. Also, an interview with Paul Newman and a round table discussion with Cris Collinsworth, John McEnroe, and Tim Russert from Meet the Press.
    • Episode 103 - Jack Nicklaus
      Episode 103 - Jack Nicklaus
      Season 1 - Episode 3
      Jack Nicklaus discusses his plans to retire from professional golf upon completion of the British Open.
    • Episode 104 - Tony La Russa / Steroids in Football
      Manager Tony La Russa and Bob Costas analyze the St. Louis Cardinals over a three game series. Also, a doctor reveals that he has prescribed steroids for players from the Carolina Panthers.
    • Episode 106 - Jackie Robinson's Son
      Bob Costas meets with David, a man who has established a unique coffee farm co-operative in Tanzania that offers opportunities to the nation's farmers. We are also surprised to learn that David is baseball legend Jackie Robinson's son.
    • Episode 107 - 1963 Army/Navy Game
      Episode 107 - 1963 Army/Navy Game
      Season 1 - Episode 7
      Remembrances of the 1963 Army/Navy football game. The game, occurring just after the assassination of President John Kennedy, featured the first use of televised instant replay, and a young QB named Roger Staubach. Also featured: A profile of Marvin Barnes, the former ABA player.
    • Episode 201 - Steroids in Baseball
      Bob Costas and his panel discuss the issue of steroids in baseball and how it is affecting home run records.
    • Episode 404 - Town Hall Meeting: 2008 in Review
      Bob Costas and his panelists look back at the year in sports, ranging from topics that include the Giants upset over the Patriots in the Super Bowl, Rocco Mediate and Tiger Woods' playoff to determine the winner of the U.S. Open, the Philadelphia Phillies winning their first World Series in 25 years, and the 2008 Olympic Summer Games in Beijing.moreless
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