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  • Season 1
    • Angie O'Plasty
      Angie O'Plasty
      Episode 8
      On Halloween, Lottie has a heart attack, and the family comes together to support her.
    • Double Date
      Double Date
      Episode 7
      Sue and Trish get into a self-pity routine about their love lives.
    • The Garage
      The Garage
      Episode 6
      Sue moves back in, and takes up residence in the garage.
    • The Anniversary
      The Anniversary
      Episode 5
      Spud and Lottie celebrate their wedding anniversary. Meanwhile, Jimmy steals cable TV from the neighbor to give to his parents as an anniversary present.
    • Sue Dates a Freakin' Dentist
      When Sue breaks a tooth on a piece of candy, Lottie suggests she go to the dental school to get it fixed, because it's free. Sue doesn't want to go at first, because she doesn't think they're qualified, so Jimmy goes with her to make sure she's okay. It ends up her tooth is just chipped, and she gets it filled. Sue has a crush on the dentist, Brian, but Jimmy tells her she doesn't have a chance, and believes that Brian will think he's too good for her since he goes to Harvard. Sue brings Brian by The Bulldog, where all the guys make fun of him because of his money and education. Although Sue thinks it's over between them, Brian still wants to see her.moreless
    • Sue Drives, Ya Suck Bag
      Sue decides it's time to get her own driver's license. She wants Trish to teach her, but Trish's car only goes in reverse. So Jimmy helps her -- and gets arrested. When Lottie agrees to help her, the cops stop them. Finally, Sue lets Spud teach her to drive. Unfortunately for Sue, she fails her test, because she didn't turn the blinkers on early enough.moreless
    • Monkey Butt
      Monkey Butt
      Episode 2
      Sue has to write an essay on her college application. Meanwhile, Lottie is mortified when her dress gets caught in her waistband, exposing her red panties to the entire church -- and everyone starts calling her "monkey butt."
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      Sue fears that marriage to her high school boyfriend, P.J., would signal the end of her opportunity for personal growth, so she breaks up with him. When she is subsequently forced to move back in with her parents, her quest for independence and emotional honesty slams up against their "don't make waves" attitude.moreless