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  • A very appealling comedy about a modern woman in her 20's trying to find a healthy way out of the angst in all her relationships. Altenatingly loud and somewhat violent versus quiet and introspective, it displayed many insights into normal life that may

    I can understand why this comedy never caught onto the mainstream. First, as normal, is that the station scheduled it horribly - I think it was on the same night and time at most 3 nights in a row, of the 6 episodes ever aired.

    Second, it is about a fairly normal group of friends and co-workers. And a very emotionally constrained family. All very normal. Perhaps too normal.

    Except one of them, Sue, is trying to change her life. She's trying to un-weave her way out the life she found herself in. The one she grew into and now wants it to be a bit different.

    It is hard to see someone challenge the status-quo, especially when the show isn't based on Sue getting simple answer each week to solve all her current problems as typical shows do. The show, as a series, was about Sue's struggle with her long-term angst. The friends and family were the backdrop for the show instead of the reason for it, again, as typical TV shows are.

    Some of the show's comedy was based on friends roughhousing (yelling and angry mostly) against a more normal joking around.

    Other comedy was about Sue's friends not understanding what she was talking about, when she was talking about basic psychology, noticing and wanting to change her life, and sometimes spirituality. So miscommunication, though of a more unfortunately meaningful sort. Deeper sort.

    Sue was an endearing character with a fairly thick accent and perhaps too loud and boisterous to be a mainstream character. Though at the time I believe the numbers still, even with the scheduling problems, held this show at several million viewers.

    I am very willing to pay good money to have a copy of the 6 aired and supposed 6 un-aired episodes. I hope they show up sooner than later!