Couch Potatoes

(ended 1989)


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Couch Potatoes

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This was a game show about all things television. Marc Summers hosted in the time after he hosted Double Dare on Nick, but before he would host Unwrapped and Trivia Unwrapped on the Food Network This was his first non children game show.

The set was a house's living room with multiple tv/monitors set on the main wall. To ether side were two sets of three contestant teams sitting on a couch, blue for the champs, red for the challengers. In front of each team were coffee tables with light indicators disguised as bowls of snacks. The teams would be called by the name of a tv show such as 'Team Police Squad!' or 'Team Laugh-In'. Marc would enter via a 'front door' to the left of the stage. Play would start with a toss-up question on a random tv show, then the team who won would get the chance to play a round of three questions on a topic such as "TV Pets" or "School TV", complete with a drawing of the Couch Potato mascot walking a dog or falling asleep at a school desk. If a team member buzzes in and answers a question correctly, their team wins 25 'rating points' ...if they miss, the other team gets a chance to steal the question and the round. After the toss-up question for the next round the doorbell would ring, and a celebrity associated with the show that was the subject of the question would enter, and after some scripted banter with Marc would ask the next three questions related to his or her show.

After one more round of three questions, Marc would start up the Couch Up Round, asking the teams six questions worth between 50 - 200 rating points depending on when a random generator stops. Also there was a "Couch-Up" space - if a contestant whose team got that and answered correctly the score would be tied. At the end of this round, the winning team won $1,000 and would go on to the Chanell Roulette Round, while the other team got 'cancelled'.

For the Channel Roulette Round players would call out a number between 2 - 13. A picture of a show's cast would be shown and the contestant would have to identify the show. Each picture would be worth a different amount of points, based on how obscure the show was. Also there was one hidden spot called 'Pay TV'. Anyone selecting that spot would lose all the points the team got up to that point. If the team got 1,000 points in 30 seconds they'd win $5,000...if they didn't get to 1,000 they'd get a dollar a point. That team would win the right to come back the next day and can stay up to five days (for a possible $30,000). Also on the show was comedian/cartoon voice artist Joe Alaskey (Animaniacs, Tiny Toon Adventures, Out of This World) as "The Next Door Neighbor'. He would sit in his chair on his own living room set next to the main set, and do small bits of impessions as lead in and outs to the show. Near the end of the run, he was replaced by Jim McKrell (Celebrity Sweepstakes).


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