Cougar Town

Season 2 Episode 1

All Mixed Up

Aired Tuesday 10:30 PM Sep 22, 2010 on TBS

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    A solid premiere from this show. I wasn't completely in to this show last season, I would watch a couple episodes here and there from the first season, but I wasn't that in to it. I was only in this episode for Jennifer Aniston's appearance and it was pretty funny, but I have to say the interaction with the guys were much funnier than the interactions with the girls.

    I have no idea why this show gets such bad rating, they're completely undeserved. This is "one of the better" comedy shows on prime time, so I'll just have to say, sit back and relax. The thing they definitely should change though is the title. You really think this show about cougars still? Grayson is the same age as Jules, isn't he?

    A good premiere overall, not to mention pretty funny. I'm not surprised by this considering this show is from the creators of Scrubs which is another reason why I tried it out. Good premiere, might stick around for more.
  • Bland season premiere. I didn't really enjoy it.

    The start of the new season of 'Cougar Town' ws quite disappointing in my opinion. The episode hardly contained any notable laughs, which was a huge let down, and even with z a boring plot, it just compounded the episodes problems.

    I think that the end of the rprevious season had a few decent episodes, but I am praying that Season 2 doesn't send this show back downhill, where it was at one point.

    Overall, I don't recommend this episode. It doesn't do much in terms of both substance and comedy, so it was a let down. I still have hope that things will go up, but I don't recommend this episode.