Cougar Town

Season 4 Episode 1

Blue Sunday

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 08, 2013 on TBS
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    Cougar Town's Season 4 Premiere: We'll Drink to That

    "Blue Sunday" wasn't Cougar Town's funniest half-hour, but it was one of its most honest, tidily introducing the show's essentials to new audiences while welcoming existing fans back into the fold.

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    Grayson gets in trouble with his new wife, Jules, which depresses her and Ellie and Laurie attempt to help her get over it. Bobby decides to teach Travis how to be a man.

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    • Go Cougar Town

      Great job. Keep them coming
    • Blue Sunday - TBS Premiere

      I admit to giving up on this show early in Season 1, but with the chance of a new beginning on TBS, and the fact that with all of the hype I had to give it a shot, I tuned in.

      What I saw was a fairly sharp episode of a sitcom. A lot of witty lines, and yeah, some cliched jokes, but for the most part I was laughing more than frowning. Not much in the way of character development, but that's never really the case with shows like this anyway.

      Good show overall. I would suggest you give it a shot if you are on the fence about it.moreless

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      • Bobby: (running one way) Hi Jules!
        Jules: (running the other way) Hi Bobby!
        Travis: (walking between them) It's amazing I'm even kind of normal!

      • Ellie: (to Grayson in the bar about a dream that Jules had about him) Jules is spinning. It would really help if you could apologize for what you did in her dream.
        Grayson: No problem. Should I also bring her flowers or should I just give her one of those little ring boxes with my nuts in it?
        Ellie: (in a funny tone while smiling with Tom) It's sad that they could fit in a ring box.

      • Travis: (to Laurie) My dad's big tip for driving the ladies wild and I quote,
        "Get her butt naked and kiss everything but the good parts."
        Bobby: Nonalingus.

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