Cougar Town

Season 4 Episode 1

Blue Sunday

Aired Tuesday 10:30 PM Jan 08, 2013 on TBS



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  • Quotes

    • Bobby: (running one way) Hi Jules!
      Jules: (running the other way) Hi Bobby!
      Travis: (walking between them) It's amazing I'm even kind of normal!

    • Ellie: (to Grayson in the bar about a dream that Jules had about him) Jules is spinning. It would really help if you could apologize for what you did in her dream.
      Grayson: No problem. Should I also bring her flowers or should I just give her one of those little ring boxes with my nuts in it?
      Ellie: (in a funny tone while smiling with Tom) It's sad that they could fit in a ring box.

    • Travis: (to Laurie) My dad's big tip for driving the ladies wild and I quote,
      "Get her butt naked and kiss everything but the good parts."
      Bobby: Nonalingus.

  • Notes

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Sweden: February 5, 2013 on Kanal 5
      Norway: May 28, 2013 on TVNorge

    • After the opening scene, the title says Welcome BACK to Cougar Town. Thanks, TBS. Can we curse on TV now?

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