Cougar Town

Season 1 Episode 19

Everything Man

Aired Tuesday 10:30 PM Mar 31, 2010 on TBS
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Episode Summary

Grayson introduces Sara to Jules and company. Jules likes Sara from the start and when Grayson is overly attentive with her, Jules warns him to back off before Sara runs away. Meanwhile, Jules new main house attraction is her perfect new bathroom with a "talking toilet". Grayson finally finds inspiration with the help of Sara for his new song.moreless

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  • Despite the appearance of Sheryl Crow, do NOT make this the first episode of Cougar Town that you watch. It is not indicative of the much higher quality writing of most of the other episodes.moreless

    Something was really off in this episode. I had to rewind to see who wrote this one, and I see it's a guy who's written at least one other episode of Cougar Town, but apparently works more as a story editor for the show. In any case, he doesn't seem to have a feel for the characters at all, and the jokes are just juvenile and unfunny. It's almost embarrassing to watch. If this was the only episode I'd ever seen, I would never watch it again. However, CT has built up quite a bit of goodwill with me, and I feel confident it'll return to form. But if there are too many more episodes as bad as this one, I really feel that it will kill the show -- just like My Name Is Earl, which turned that corner and never got back to the excellent writing that they began with. Please don't let this man write any more episodes.moreless
  • An entertaining episode revolving around Jules new bathroom, a Japanese toilet, Travis' new camera work, and Grayson's new girlfriend. Finally Andy is getting none from Elle and getting consoled by Bobby and we have a very full episode of Cougar Town.moreless

    Sheryl Crow is back as Sara, Grayson's girlfriend who Jules ends up loving much to her disappointment. She so wanted to dislike her. Grayson on the other hand is acting wacky. Baby talk and an over attentive nature was sure to drive Sara away and of course Jules told him as much. This drives the girls to tell her to stop meddling (a common theme here) so she does. Sara does tell Grayson she wants her space making Jules right. Jules isn't sure she's happy with fixing Grayson and Sara's relationship!

    Travis is doing a school project taking pictures and manages to sneak a shot of Elle naked as well as various shots of his girlfriend getting lick on the face by Travis the dog and other embarrassing photos of everyone. He almost blows it with his girlfriend, but the ladies save it for him in the end.

    The new bathroom is elaborate and the contractor is now friends with Jules. This bathroom has a Japanese toilet that talks and has all sorts of extra features including a button that says NO meaning don't push it. Jules just has too and later Bobby does as well.

    The Andy and Elle situation seems to be born from his over eager nature and her indifferent nature. So Bobby tells him to act nonchalant and it will happen. Bobby is actually smart every once in a while.

    Overall a very entertaining episode of Cougar Town with some light laughs and good dialogue. It always is better when the stories really revolve around Jules and her interaction with everyone else. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • Jules meets Grayson's new girlfriend for the first time and find that despite everything she likes her.Jules also gets her bathroom remodelled and it turns into the gangs new hangout.Travis becomes a photographer.moreless

    This episode was great,while not being as funny as the previous episodes it connected more to the characters.We learn that Jules is interested in Grayson and is jealous of Sara his new girlfriend.Ellie and Andy added great comedic moments to the episode with Ellie denying Andy sex and Bobby helping Andy cope.Also Jules deciding that she would not meddle in the gangs lives anymore was brillient. Travis was great in this episode also,him becoming a photographer was priceless.However Travis's girlfriend is really starting to bug me,her and Travis just don't seem right for each other.Hopefully Travis will come to his senses soon and dump her.moreless
  • Great episode! Really quite funny and vey interesting!

    Unlike most episodes that I have seen from this show, this one combined humour with a great storyline, which was something that was lacking in most of the earlier episodes.

    I found that the storyline was definitely an interesting one. It was quite cliche, with meeting the new girlfriend and all, but regardless, they exectuted it wquite well and it was very interesting.

    They aloso made the episode very funny, and there were some great moments. I loved the new bathroom, and hope it appears in future episodes!

    The ending to the episode was great, with all the friends pulling Jules Cobb out of the bathroom! Quite funny and a great episode that I would recommend!moreless

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    • Grayson: Sarah loves that I'm so into her.
      Jules: No, she doesn't. You watch, she's gonna say she needs space and start pulling away.
      Grayson: You don't know that.
      Toilet: Furasshu.
      Grayson: Shut up!
      Jules: Don't you yell at my toilet!

    • Laurie: Women do love when men fight for them. There is nothing less sexy than a dude who respects a restraining order.

    • (Laurie is fed up with hanging out in Jules' new bathroom all the time)
      Laurie: That's it! If I wanted to be a bathroom attendant, I would have stayed a bathroom attendant.

    • Bobby: Look, what you need to do is just picture Ellie with a bucket head.
      Andy: A bucket on her head?
      Bobby: No, the bucket is her head.
      Andy: How will that help?
      Bobby: Have you ever looked inside of a bucket and not seen something disgusting? Fish guts, dip, spit, dead rats?

    • Laurie: Why are you so into photography?
      Travis: I feel like photos really capture our collective unconscious. Plus being pretentious really works on me.

    • Ellie: Is that one of those electronic toilet seats from Japan? Holy gods, it cleans your hoo!
      Jules: There are a lot more settings to figure out. You know, there's one button that just says "no." I can't wait to push that. The only downside is it sometimes yells at me in Japanese.

    • Jules: I can't believe your school makes you do photo projects. It's like they cater to the weird, artsy-fartsy students.
      Travis: I started the photography club.
      Jules: Cool.
      Travis: (Sarcastically) Nice save.

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