Cougar Town

Season 1 Episode 22

Feel a Whole Lot Better

Aired Tuesday 10:30 PM May 05, 2010 on TBS
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Jules and Grayson consider being FWB "friends with benefits". Meanwhile, Andy hires a nanny to help Ellie, and Travis benefits from Bobby's new plan.

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  • Not as good as last weeks', but still a step in the positive direction.

    This episod e was anothe r decent one. I enjoyed it quite a bit, and there were some moments which I would love to see again.

    I enjoyed the concept of chasing that red balloon. That was quite funny, and there were some great moments during that!

    Jueles' storyline was not ass interesting this week, as this Grayson storyline seems way too predictable and extrmemely cliche! Decent but not great.

    I think this was a bad show to ebegin with, but it is doing well nowadays. Hope for some more great action, in the two lweeks leading up to the season finale! Keep it up, Cougar Town, and I'd recommend this good episode!moreless

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    • (After finding the balloon with money in it stuck on a power line)
      Bobby: Nothing we can do tonight. We'll bend down here in that first light, grab some hard hats and a couple of mustaches, we'll shimmy on up there and grab it.
      Travis: And why the mustaches?
      Bobby: You ever seen a hard hat without a mustache under it?
      Travis: Uh, no, but in my defense, I'm a sane person.

    • (Andy walks into the realty office in a huff)
      Laurie: Hey Andy! Your nostrils look really mad.

    • (After Grayson lets Jules end their sexual relationship)
      Ellie: Just give him some time. He probably just thinks this isn't what he signed up for.
      Jules: That's what he said.
      Ellie: I don't get it.
      Jules: No, that's actually what he said.

    • Ellie: We can't go dancing, I sent the nanny home. I don't want her.
      Andy: So what am I supposed to do? Go shake it by myself?
      Ellie: That's what he said.
      Andy: That wasn't even subtle! There's an art to this!

    • (After Andy hires a nanny)
      Ellie: That's the nicest thing you've ever done for me.
      Andy: Oh, stop, it's just a tiny thing.
      Ellie(whispering): That's what he said.
      Andy: You ruined it! You ruined my gift!

    • Laurie: Let's play the admission game. That's when friends admit stuff and it brings everyone much closer. I read about it in a magazine.
      Ellie: What magazine?
      Laurie: Fine! It's just, I feel like people respect my ideas more when they think that they came out of magazines.

    • Laurie: Come on, don't you guys want to get inside each other?
      Andy: That's what she said! Oh!
      Laurie: So lame.
      Jules: Why won't that joke ever go away?
      Ellie: We should steal it from them so they know how annoying it is!
      Bobby: Good luck, sister, it's not that easy.
      Andy: It's never hard for me!
      Jules: That's what he said!
      Andy: I don't like this.

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