Cougar Town

Season 2 Episode 7

Fooled Again (I Don't Like It)

Aired Tuesday 10:30 PM Nov 03, 2010 on TBS
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It's Jules' 42nd birthday and that can only mean one thing: gift contest! Each year, Jules holds a contest to determine who gives her the best gifts, which Ellie always wins. This year, Laurie teams up with Grayson in an attempt to overthrow her. As Jules contemplates what to do for her birthday, Andy suggests a night of dancing. Meanwhile, Travis introduces Bobby to a Netti Pot, but not without its consequences.moreless
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  • 2.07 "Fooled Again (I Don't Like It)"

    Another example of a classic Cougar Town episode that entertains, makes me LMAO, LOL & OMFG during the scene of Andy "randomly" observing objects and people and making up this sweet story about his grandma Maria who happened to be a policewoman. It is also Jules' birthday (42nd, I think) and her friends are trying to buy her the best present they can. But will they find something good enough to beat Ellie? Well, let's just say she can be pretty attentive to just about evrybody's needs. God, only reminded me why I love Christa Miller so much. She is so cool, so funny and she always picks great music :) ~8/10~moreless
  • Poof!

    Bloody Brilliant!! Andy stole the show. He was the perfect Keyser Soze! What is up with the low ratings? Are they even watching the show? Every point n this show was brilliant. Cougar Town never fails :)
  • Whoever is rating these episodes low is clearly not watching the show. Especially this episode, which was absolutely brilliant.

    Because of the lack of Cougar Town fans participating here, I thought I'd write about this excellent episode. It's Jules' birthday and the friends all compete to get her the best gift. Meanwhile, Bobby and Travis battle a neti pot, which is apparently something that helps clear up congestion. Finger Guns were one of the big running gags of this episode, which led to the last scene - a finger gun shootout in reference to the great UK show "Spaced." Another running gag was the terrific homage to "The Usual Suspects." Andy turned out to be an evil genius! Jules' confusion over Keyser Soze was hilarious. Years after the movie came out, people are still debating who Keyser Soze is! Anyway, brilliant episode.moreless

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    • Bobby: You ever looked death in the eye, Trav?
      Travis: Well, now that that jar of gasoline has a flaming can of Sterno next to it, I'd have to say yes.

    • (Discussing the neti pot dilemma)
      Travis: So you poured this whole pitcher directly into your lungs? I mean, at some point you must have known you were drowning. Why didn't you stop?
      Bobby: Bobby Cobb never quits!
      Travis: Not even at killing himself?
      Bobby: Not even. That stupid college death pot!
      Travis: Still not a college thing.
      Bobby: Whatever, man. It's still the most dangerous thing on my boat.
      Travis: Really? I'm going to spin around and say the first thing I see. A loaded flare gun on a jar full of gasoline!"
      Bobby: Well that's for when the rats come!

    • Jules: You told me before it started that Kevin Spacey was Keyser Söze and I was still surprised! Wait, was he Keyser Söze?
      Ellie: Yes!
      Jules: Alright, so the crippled guy was his evil twin?
      Ellie: No, same guy.
      Jules: Well let's just agree to disagree.

    • Bobby: Hey College! I'm calling you College now because you go to college.
      Travis: Yeah, I pieced that together.

    • Jules: Okay, a few birthday ground rules: no gag gifts, no gift cards, and nothing that I'm supposed to love because it was charitable.

  • NOTES (4)


    • Throughout the episode, references are made to the 1995 film "The Usual Suspects" starring Kevin Spacey. Ellie compares her husband Andy to the mysterious Keyser Söze because she says he's secretly an evil genius. References are made in particular to the scene in which Kevin Spacey's character makes up a story on the spot as well as the final scene where his true identity is revealed.

    • The final scene of the episode is a reference to the British television show "Spaced" from Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright. In "Spaced," Nick Frost's character demonstrates that men have a type of telepathic connection that they aren't even aware of by engaging in an elaborate finger gun fight with Simon Pegg's character. Show creator Bill Lawrence confirmed that the Cul-de-Sac Crew on "Cougar Town" paid homage to this scene. Travis is even heard moaning at the very end as he slides down the catsup-covered refrigerator to the floor, "I love 'Spaced'...!"