Cougar Town

Season 3 Episode 4

Full Moon Fever

Aired Tuesday 10:30 PM Mar 06, 2012 on TBS

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  • This one was just hilarious!

    Wow, this episode was incredible! I can't believe it was Cougar Town that I was watching, because I am not accustomed to laughing so much during this show!

    The Braveheart scene was hilarious! Laurie was just amazingly funny, especially sending her Social Security Number. That was insanely funny! Thestoryline was great!

    Lots of interesting things played out throughout the episode, and there were so many laughs along the way! I sure hope that the show conitnues to be this good! Keep i t up, Cougar Town!
  • Andy tips it over the edge

    Always brightens up my day with the characters being over the top versions of people we all know. Hate to think who my friends would label me as.

    The whole Braveheart thing may be overplayed but I thought it worked well and tipped the episode over the top to a 10 for me. Very funny show!