Cougar Town

Season 2 Episode 3

Makin' Some Noise

Aired Tuesday 10:30 PM Oct 06, 2010 on TBS
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Episode Summary

Jules starts adjusting to living by herself, and Grayson becomes the object of her constant attention. Meanwhile, Travis turns to Bobby for advise on how to redefine his life at college, while Ellie tries not to be friends with her new nanny.

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  • One of the Best

    Seriously, people----if you loved Scrubs, you'll love this. If you didn't love Scrubs, you might just love this anyway. Favorite thing to watch after a long day when I need some silliness with great characters (and the actors who play them)..

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When Grayson reveals the Jam Room to Jules, Jules says Travis' name when she's trying to convince Grayson that Travis is coming home after college. She probably meant to say Grayson's name.

      Another explanation: When she said Travis's name at the second time, she meant to say "you know, it's Travis" (and you can hear that in her voice)...

    • The jam session in the episode was based on a real life jam that happened at a party at Jimmy Kimmel's house where Courtney Cox played the drums. Show creator Bill Lawrence who was also at the party decided to write it in.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Grayson: I woke up one morning and my wife was gone. I know something about being alone.
      Jules: At least you were left by someone who didn't love you.
      Grayson: That's sweet.

    • Bobby: I'm sorry I came here and stole your thunder. A man needs to make his own thunder. (Pause) It'd be really cool if I could fart right now.
      Travis: It really would.

    • Rosa: Your best friend told me to be friends with you. She said you fired your last nanny because she kept it too professional.
      Ellie: What best friend? (Spots Laurie outside)
      Laurie: Chess with a monkey, bitch! You just got owned and served!

    • Jules: We're gonna find a girl for you in this freshman facebook.
      Travis: Oh, good. Cause the first thing I think when I see a girl is "What would Mom, Dad and Andy think?"
      Andy: This Suzie Heffernan has a nice face.
      Jules: Oh wait, she's from Tampa. You can never trust a girl from Tampa.
      Bobby: She's right, Trav. See this scar on my neck? Tampa chick. (Grayson comes in)
      Travis: Oh, good. My mom's boyfriend's here.
      Jules: What are you doing?
      Grayson : Jules, I want to be more than just a guy who sleeps with you.
      Travis: Does this have to happen here?

    • Laurie: (To Grayson) If you were in trouble, Jules would bust her way in with a sledgehammer! No, she actually did that once. I got locked in a bathroom and she busted through the door all DEA style and I was like "Later, Fred!"
      Ellie: Maybe we'll finish that story later.
      Laurie: Yes. Maybe we will.

    • Laurie: Hey hot flash, did you do this? (Reveals a tag that says "fake" on her bag)
      Ellie: I did. See, the reason I buy expensive things is to belittle people who can't afford them.
      Andy: Oh, you just got served? Or is it owned?
      Laurie: Owned is when you dominate someone over a long period of time, served is a swift takedown often marked by a dance celebration.

    • Grayson: (About the jeans Jules bought him) These are too tight.
      Jules: Oh nut up, crybaby. Do you think women enjoy wearing tight jeans?
      Ellie: Do you think I'm lying like this to look sexy? Mongo, flip me. (Laurie turns her over)
      Laurie: To get these jeans fastened, I have to lie flat on the ground and Smith, or if he's not there, my building manager has to push the sides together while I suck in and zip them really fast and then the next day, I'm bruised from here to here.

    • Jules: Except for when I lived in Paris, I've never lived alone before.
      Grayson: You've also never lived in Paris.
      Jules: If you visit a place for over a week, you get to say you lived there.
      Laurie: Well then I'm a badass, cause I lived in a women's prison once!

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Divný zvuky (Weird Noises)

    • After the opening scene in this episode, the title of the show says Badly Titled Cougar Town.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: October 6, 2010 on Citytv
      Sweden: December 7, 2010 on Kanal 5
      United Kingdom: February 15, 2011 on Sky LIVING/Sky LIVING HD
      Norway: September 6, 2011 on TVNorge
      Czech Republic: September 23, 2011 on ČT1
      Finland: May 15, 2012 on MTV3


    • The song Slow Ride makes another appearance in this series across the scenes of Travis riding off in the cart and the group jamming in Jules' jam room.

      This song first made its appearance in the pilot episode and was incidentally played with Bobby on a lawnmower, playing the air-drums.

      This is probably an allusion to Travis pretty much growing up and becoming his father, who is a person who enjoyed his college years to the fullest and very probably still lives them.