Cougar Town

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 10:30 PM Sep 23, 2009 on TBS
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We meet Jules, a woman who in her twenties took on marriage and a baby instead of experiencing the dating scene. Now in her forties, she finds herself as a divorcee and eager to live the dating scene that she missed.

With the help of her friend, Laurie, her younger co-worker who wants to show Jules to go out there and have fun; Ellie, her sarcastic, married and content to her average but lovable husband Andy. There's also her family, her ex-husband Bobby and her son Travis, who will test her patience, and her new fortysomething divorced neighbor Gray, who doesn't believe that Jules can date again.moreless

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  • 1.01 "Pilot"

    Amazingly funny and refreshing. Yeah, it wasn't flawless, but it was such a great fun! Courteney Cox plays Jules - quite lonely and desperate 40-something newly divorced woman who would like to find a new meaning in love, most importantly new love or better yet - get laid.She nails this character and the other actors are amaying as well. Christa Miller is totally funny + Josh Hopkins plays his typical combo of witty/hot/ignoring guy who screws everything under the age of 30 that has a tramp stamp on it. This funny little show has been running from me for like two and a half years now, seen the pilot episode back in September 2009 but I guess I was busy so with a few of my favorite shows going off the air I am finally able to enjoy and appreciate this show.moreless
  • I'd rather watch anything else.

    This is the pilot of the show Cougar Town. When I saw the previews, which they always show the best clips on, it looked semi interesting and made me curious to check the show out. I enjoyed Courtney Cox's acting in Friends so I thought that I would check this show out. Unfortunately, the time I spent watching this show could have been better used doing anything else but watching this show. I'm sad to say that I didn't enjoy one minute of the show and I most certainly don't ever plan on watching another episode. I do, however, hope that they remove this show and put something better on its time slot.moreless
  • Great start, seems like a really funny show, I'll definitely keep watching if it continuous like that

    I did not intend to watch it after what I've heard about the concept for the show, but I was bored and gave it a go - fortunately.

    This episode had me laughing from start to finish.

    It all starts out at a football game where Jules and Laurie are talking about the hot young boys around them, while Jules' son Travis is sitting right next to them.

    The episode starts off with one of its best moments when Jules and Laurie discuss a particular young man who has taken his shirt off:

    Jules: "I mean if I thought that no one would talk about me... Well, you see that young gentleman right there? I'd love to lick his body!"

    Woman: "That's my son!"

    Jules: "Oh..he looks smart"

    The acting and delivery is just perfect!

    This could be a new addition to my weekly shows, so ABC don't screw it up!moreless
  • A woman who is forty named Jules is recently divorced. She has a male neighbor who has been divorced for a week and he is going to bed with some young thing every night. Jules is trying to juggle a job, an ex-husband, her son, and a possible new life.moreless

    This could be the comedy hit of the year. A very funny, at times laugh out loud, comedy starring Courtney Cox as Jules. You've got to love Jules as she is aware of all of her faults physically and mentally. In a way she is a wreck. What she doesn't realize is she is sexy, with it, and a pretty foxy Cougar.

    The rest of the cast looks like a fun time as well. Her best friend and next door neighbor Ellie Torres played by Christa Miller-Lawrence and her son Travis played by Dan Byrd stand out in this the Pilot episode.

    Jules has a real estate business which she runs with her assistant and other close friend Laurie Keller played by Busy Philipps and she pays alimony to her ex-husband Bobby played by Brian Van Holt who she has been supporting for twenty years. Then there is the obnoxious neighbor Grayson Ellis played by Josh Hopkins who is sleeping with younger women at an alarming rate. Everything seems to be a little over emphasized in this show. Last but not least we have Ellie's husband Andy played by Ian Gomez.

    A little out there in a lot of ways but not any worse than say Two and a Half Men is its comedic style and sex appeal. I think ABC may have a hit on its hands if this is promoted properly. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • Ehhh.. I'm going to wait for future episodes to make a decision.

    I'm on the fence right away about this new show. Courtney Cox was funny in Friends, okay in Dirt and pretty awful in every other movie she's been in since. But in this show, under the sure hand of Bill Lawrence, creator of Scrubs, she seems to have regained some of the fire that was missing in her previous roles. Of course, the show itself isn't remarkably funny and some of the characters are less than interesting.. but I'm going to give it a couple of weeks before I make an overall decision.

    Courtney Cox was by far the best part of the show. She was kind of like Phil in the premiere of Modern Family right before this episode: trying too hard to be hip and coming off as funny in the process. However, unlike Phil, the humor is sort of subpar (except for some great lines that she delivers a few times throughout the episode("Man, you are hot as balls!")).

    I was a bit disappointed that the woman who plays Jordan in Scrubs (her name escapes me at the moment, but I'm sure the name of the character was Eliot.. JUST like in Scrubs) wasn't given more to do. It seems like a poorly written, simply "alright" character.

    I've heard from different websites that the second episode is MUCH better, so I'll wait and give that a chance. But for now, I'm just going to remain on the fence. Unlike Modern Family, the pilot hasn't sold me quite yet.moreless
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