Cougar Town

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 10:30 PM Sep 23, 2009 on TBS

Episode Recap

Jules is a forty years old and gave up her twenties to marry a musician. While he toured and slept around, she raised their kid. As a freshly divorced, cute real estate agent, Jules' coworker and friend Laurie, insists she hit the town and have a little fun. Not to be outdone by her hot (and equally as old) philandering neighbor, Grayson, Jules reluctantly agrees.

Ellie is Jules BF and next door neighbor. Seeing her out and about with Laurie makes her jealous. Ellie is married to Andy and the two have a son, Stan. When Ellie calls Jules to come over for some wine, Jules says no, that she has work to do with Laurie…

After arriving at the club, Jules soon meets a "cub" and though drunk by the end of the night, she goes home alone. Shortly there after though, Laurie unexpectedly swings by and leaves the "cub" at Jules's place. Reluctantly, Jules sleeps with her cub…3 times. As Jules attempts to go down on her cub, her ex and son, Travis, walk in. Oops.

Travis has his own issues, dealing with his mom's busty real estate ads around town, and his dad's new job as his school's lawn mower. Pushed to the edge, Travis attacks some kids. Feeling bad for Travis' bitterness toward her posters, Jules and Laurie chase down the kid responsible for stealing most of the posters and put the fear of God in him. Mom and Travis have a moment…