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  • Was great

    The show was great, but without Bobby is went downhill really fast. I will mis this show, because i used to love it, except the final season.
  • Cougar Town has jumped the shark

    I used to be the biggest fan of this show until this season! This season has turned me completely. I have watched every episode this season (hoping the real Cougar Town writing would come back) and have yet to "laugh" even once. Terrible writing, terrible characters, terrible show. So sad!
  • So Sad Now

    Once one of the funniest shows on TV. Now? pitiful writing, what a shame. The characters now say random things and do random things. It's like the writers are just phoning it in. Are they lazy or just too stupid. It's like they put all the situations, lines and characters into a basket and randomly draw. Might as well just add a sound track too and make it like some lame, brainless ABC show where the audience is cued when to laugh. Laurie can shout "laugh" on the sound track whenever the stupid writers think they wrote something funny. Thank god for season 1-4 reruns.
  • Cougar a Town.... What happened

    Was one of my favorite shows... Doesn't seem to be funny where the hell is Bobby Cobb... Bobby and Andy with the bromance... Lol...
  • The Cast is Fabulous

    I just want to say that this show is about one of the best shows that are on TV. I laugh with them and I cry with them. I love each one except for Barb. lol I was reading some of the reviews here on this site and I have to say. WTF. to all the cast I just want you to know you are soo special to me. Each show someone is it seems to be Hi Lited in some way. Every show has a thoughtful and sweet ending. A good feeling show. I love you all. And are just adorable. As is everyone but for some reason Bobby is one of my fav's Love you all, Mike
  • This show makes me wana live in Florida

    i love loved this show but this last season is a weak - at the very least they should use it to wrap up well.

    i'm going to miss the characters but its time to go
  • after seeing the premier , thank God the series is ending

    talk about playing to the lowest common denominator. Used to be funny..

    now just sad
  • Cougar did you change?

    I used to love this show!! But what happened?! The comedy is just gone. Where's the truth guns, gay traps and slap out of its? This show used to be about fun characters but now it's so serious. Travis used to be my favorite character with his hilarious sarcasm but now he's just a pretentious flat empty character-I mean a coffee shop poetry group, really?! And Laurie used to have such personality but they've replaced her spunky personality with stupid hairdos and crazy clothes. It's sad that I've lost another good show.
  • Best show ever

    I love it! It's funny, smart and I love love love the characters. A show that's something else and not mainstream. Without ridiculous drama, boring sex and annoying people. Love!
  • What Happened???

    This show was great up until the current season.... It was one of my favorite shows, looked forward to it every week. There was great humor, witty comebacks, and fun likable characters, would have loved to live next door to this bunch. But .... what happened this season? Did they just give up or what? The show has gotten so stupid this season, I'm sure my IQ has went down several points each episode. I watched the second episode with my mother and I was honestly embarrassed. I kept watching thinking it would get back on track but it hasn't. The characters behave in 100% unimaginable ways, you cannot identify with anyone anymore, they are portrayed as being so dumb and stupid that it is actually irritating. Once in a great while someone will pull off a good one liner but that is rare anymore. Whoever wrote this season should be fired.

    Also, I love Courtney but someone needs to get her away from the plastic surgeon quick before more damage is done. =/
  • Stupid, Sucks, Ridiculous, Do I need to go on!!!!!

    I have never in my life posted anything to any type of blog or internet site, but the thought of Cougar Town continuing for another episode (let alone another season) encouraged me to sit down and throw out my thoughts. In an attempt to give Cougar Town a fair evaluation, I have watched 2 complete episodes. I sat mindless and completely bored as the characters in this show drank and delivered humor that would be depicted as insulting and down right ridiculous. In my opinion, the bottom line to Cougar Town's success is the simple fact the show is scheduled between back-to-back episodes of the Big Bang Theory. I truly believe if Cougar Town was placed into a prime time spot, it would be SHORT lived. For those of you that enjoy the show, I mean no disrespect. I just cannot understand what is entertaining about a bunch of middle-aged men and women sitting around playing drinking games is in anyway comical or entertaining!!! Thank You
  • How bad can it be

    Just the commercials are bad. My wife and I tried to watch the show and could not get through it. It was so bad.
  • Too much!

    Plastic sugery, doesnt make u look younger. Just DESPERATE..
  • Love the show! Want a Guzzle Buddy!

    Please tell me I can buy a Guzzle Buddy somewhere! Watching this show without one would be tragic! I've watched this show from the beginning and it still rocks!
  • pissed off

    I love this show, at least the first 3 seasons. Season 4 and 5 (humour got lost in translation)

  • Laugh So Hard I Cry!

    I so look forward to watching Cougar Town and my friends and I all discuss the show afterwards as if we just read a book. I haven't watched a single episode where I haven't laughed out loud (yes that deserved it spelled out). The characters are brilliant and compliment each other perfectly. Personally my favourite character is Ellie. I always joke that if we met in real life that we would be best friends. The writers are absolutely brilliant and I hope this show goes on for many, many years. My only complaint is that I can't seem to find this show; specifically this season, in Canada? I was able to watch every other show/season in Canada so I'm not sure what happened there. Keep doing what your doing and making us laugh. Also, I love that you bring in special guests; especially the ones from Friends and SCRUBS.
  • Why Are They Messing up Show

    Seeing the commercials proclaiming to "round up the girls" to watch season five, totally insulting the men I know who watch this show should have been warning that this show is destined for cancelation. My husband and I religiously watched this show since the pilot and loved the high energy and laughs. But now there is no energy, the characters are flat (and fat), Courtney is now totally plastic and it just radiates that no one cares. They jumped the shark joining Travis and Laurie. Did I mention that the writers for season 4 and now 5 suck as well? They do, and who are they to write themselves into the show? Who cares about them? Not me.
  • Never you degrade FRIENDS!!!

    I had to respond to the person that created an account, namely 'CougarTownIsAwful', just to say how bad Cougar Town is - which is true, it has become terrible. It was a good show to watch, until recently. I'm seriously thinking of dropping it.

    But CougarTownIsAwful went as far as to state:

    "I didn't think a show could be less funny than Friends... "

    CougarTownIsAwful have you ever seen FRIENDS!?!

    I really hope it was typo and you left off '... with Benefits' as in 'Friends with Benefits' :D

    If you think FRIENDS was not funny and you hated it....

    THUMBS DOWN this, if not... THUMBS UP!
  • I'd rather chew broken glass

    I didn't think a show could be less funny than Friends, but I was wrong. Cougar Town is comedic murder. Who are the lobotomy patients that are watching this show? I think it's time to ask nurse Ratchet to up your meds.

  • Yay! Another Season

    Funniest show for us over 40 wine drinkers, still mourning big Carl.
  • Really another Season?

    I can't believe this sitcom has been renewed for another season.

    The humor is terrible. I will pass on this one!
  • Jules suck

    I haaate jules. She's so annoying!! She's so controlling. But i like the show cause it's really funny :)
  • Love it!

    Love this show! Hilarious characters and amazing story lines. Easy to follow and full of fun! I'm completely addicted. Watched all first and second seasons back to back!!!

  • NO season 4...

    Why on earth will there be another season of this show????????????????? The frist 3 season were enjoyable. Season 4 was a catastrophy!!!! Courtney Cox is like Monica on friends, a control freak.. !! Jellie Bean's role is also not worth even mentioning!!!!
  • Cougar Town is an addictive show!!!

    Love this show! Hilarious characters and amazing story lines. Easy to follow and full of fun! I'm completely addicted. Watched all first and second seasons back to back!!!
  • Coming from someone who's harsh on comedies, this show is really good.

    The negative reviews are a bit over exaggerated. Not that everyone has to like this show, but why root for something to be canceled and people be out of jobs? Calm down. I'm a 21 year old straight guy and this show provides great entertainment.

    Back to the point, this show has relatable characters, continuity, meta-humor (the show doesnt take itself too seriously, even makes fun of itself during the opening title), the 4th wall is broken all the time,the relationships between the characters are always evolving and being explained and the characters are aware of their flaws. Sometimes the acting does seem lazy, but it's really more to say about the storyline at the time rather than the quality of the show or characters. The long running gag of them all loving wine is a good one, (WINE BAR!!) and also just to finish off my fanboy review, I hope whenever the series finale airs rolls around that Laurie and Travis end up together, the will they, wont they they've had the whole show has been really intriguing.

    The cast, mainly Courtney Cox, Busy Phillips, Dan Byrd and Christa Miller are the shining stars. The soundtrack is amazing! Oh and last but NOT least, it's BUDDY BUDDY SHOUT-OUT show, is Community! My favorite comedy!
  • Another great comedy!

    This show is very funny and original. I love that Courteney Cox is the lead. A really great show. Love it!
  • Beneath Courtney Cox acting ability

    I love Courtney Cox but I have tried to like this show & I can't! A bunch of sex craved 40 year olds drinking all the time acting like they are 15. There is no story line. It's almost stupid. Sorry!!!!

  • Cougar Town

    I have the entire Friends DVD series and have yet to watch an episode, yet I just love this cast, especially Courtney Cox. It reminds me a bit of The New Adventures of Old Christine. With the exception of Whitney I do not watch network shows. I bought the first three seasons and I absolutely love the show. Someone suggested skipping the first three seasons. That would be akin to reading Dragon's Teeth and not the other 10 books in the Upton Sinclair classic best selling series World's End. You have to watch the development of the characters from the beginning. I am in the first DVD of season two and it gets better and better with each new episode. I am a big fan and I am so grateful TBS picked this series up. Racey and edgy with great one liners. It may not be for everyone, but that is why you have a clicker! Stephen
  • What can I sucks!

    I watched one episode and from that could not imagine WHY anyone would want to watch a show about a bunch of drunks? The are all a bunch of losers depicting to me the reason there are so many degenerates in this society.