Cougar Town

Tuesday 10:30 PM on TBS Premiered Sep 23, 2009 In Season





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  • Coming from someone who's harsh on comedies, this show is really good.

    The negative reviews are a bit over exaggerated. Not that everyone has to like this show, but why root for something to be canceled and people be out of jobs? Calm down. I'm a 21 year old straight guy and this show provides great entertainment.

    Back to the point, this show has relatable characters, continuity, meta-humor (the show doesnt take itself too seriously, even makes fun of itself during the opening title), the 4th wall is broken all the time,the relationships between the characters are always evolving and being explained and the characters are aware of their flaws. Sometimes the acting does seem lazy, but it's really more to say about the storyline at the time rather than the quality of the show or characters. The long running gag of them all loving wine is a good one, (WINE BAR!!) and also just to finish off my fanboy review, I hope whenever the series finale airs rolls around that Laurie and Travis end up together, the will they, wont they they've had the whole show has been really intriguing.

    The cast, mainly Courtney Cox, Busy Phillips, Dan Byrd and Christa Miller are the shining stars. The soundtrack is amazing! Oh and last but NOT least, it's BUDDY BUDDY SHOUT-OUT show, is Community! My favorite comedy!
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