Cougar Town

Tuesday 10:30 PM on TBS Premiered Sep 23, 2009 In Season





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  • What Happened???

    This show was great up until the current season.... It was one of my favorite shows, looked forward to it every week. There was great humor, witty comebacks, and fun likable characters, would have loved to live next door to this bunch. But .... what happened this season? Did they just give up or what? The show has gotten so stupid this season, I'm sure my IQ has went down several points each episode. I watched the second episode with my mother and I was honestly embarrassed. I kept watching thinking it would get back on track but it hasn't. The characters behave in 100% unimaginable ways, you cannot identify with anyone anymore, they are portrayed as being so dumb and stupid that it is actually irritating. Once in a great while someone will pull off a good one liner but that is rare anymore. Whoever wrote this season should be fired.

    Also, I love Courtney but someone needs to get her away from the plastic surgeon quick before more damage is done. =/