Cougar Town

Season 1 Episode 11

Rhino Skin

Aired Tuesday 10:30 PM Jan 06, 2010 on TBS
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Dr. Amy Evans is the meanest but the best dermatologist in town, therefore Jules and Ellie do anything to get an appointment with her despite the harsh ridicule. But when Jules finds out that Dr. Evans is dating Bobby, and Jules is determined to stand up to her and protect him. Meanwhile, Travis starts working for Barb but turns out that is more that what he bargained for.moreless

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  • Best Episode of Season 1

    I logged in and could not believe that this episode is being rated lower than a 6/10 on this site. What is wrong with you people?? This is hands down the FUNNIEST episode of Cougar Town the entire season!

    Kudrow I'll get to in a bit. Aside from that, everything about this episode was extremely polished, and took advantage of the fact that we've gotten to know/love all the main characters after the first 10 episodes. They're now starting to move within "the group" and create winning moments of comedy gold:

    -Andy and Travis's 'the apprentice'

    -Jeff (Scott Foley) and Elli doing the hilarious flirting that Elli takes too far

    -Elli and Laurie with the unspoken mutual restraining order (LOVED the fact that despite their antagonism, Laurie was hurt by what Elli said concerning people who look foolish by trying to date out of their league)

    -Laurie and Grayson talking politics (LOL!)

    -Bobby and Laurie being conspicuous while formally dressed in Grayson's bar

    This show contained nothing less than brilliant writing to feature all that, AND the long-awaited Lisa Kudrow guest spot. LK, for my tastes, was the perfect foil for Cox's friendly-busybody character. Kudrow acts superior to everyone and takes only what she wants from relationships, while Cox obviously gives entirely too much of herself to her friends/ex-husband for her own good. I'll be interested to see where this leads in the future.

    This episode pushed Cougar Town into my favorite new comedy of this TV season, juuuuuuust behind Modern Family!moreless
  • Best comedy of the week, bar none.

    Regardless of the mini-friends reunion and the usual naughtiness, this episode gets high marks because of the Andy-Travis interaction. Two of the best deadpan comedy supporting stars today with well scripted exchange have a dad-to-son type rapport about how to REALLY get on the good side of women - and it works magnificently! I really like that CT is NOT trying to be pretentious and sticks to its guns as far as relationships go and let's its characters enjoy their roles. The Kudrow character was forced to be a little too much over-the-top, but as far as I'm concerned, it wasn't a disaster. Again, the short bursts of fine-tuned comedy is what really made this episode the pick of my comedy week!moreless
  • Decent episode...

    This was actually a pretty good episode. Reason, it looked natural, the story sailed smoothly, and looked more like an actual TV show.

    The highlight of the episode, was probably my least favorite thing about it. I mean, it's good to do something like what Larry David did in Curb Your Enthusiasm. And considering that most Friends actors, (barring Jen Aniston of course) are out of work, it was a good idea to do a similar thing on C Town. So yeah, long story short, things didn't work out of Cox and Co.

    The good parts of this episode includes everything except a few scenes of Lisa Kudrow. There was a genuine attempt to plug in some mainstream jokes, like guys would plow any field, or a blond who can't get the difference between `couth` and c**t. What surprised me was the amazing chemistry between Andy and Travis. A point, the writers should definitely take note of. Good episode.moreless
  • Jules and Elli visit the Dermatologist and it is a painful experience as they both can't stand the doctor. The same doctor is dating Bobby. Andy gives advice about women to Travis. Jules is avoiding anything intellectual with Jeff.moreless

    This was the big advertised episode with Lisa Kudrow as Dr. Amy Evans. Unfortunately this episode did nothing for me. The addition of Kudrow sort of hinders Cox's humor as they really seem to spend most of their time fighting and not being funny. Cox seems mad and Kudrow seems belligerent. Not a good combination for a comedy.

    The rest of the story was OK. I enjoyed Andy's mentoring of Travis. Also Laurie's situation with Smith Frank was sort of cute as well especially with Grayson's little pointers to help her out. She gets mad and then he makes up for it by complimenting her for the way she really is and what Smith really wanted. Finally Jules attempts at avoiding anything with any level of intelligence being done around Jeff was sort of cute. Using her womanly ways with him to distract him. She seems really good at that.

    So the Friends experiment didn't seem to work and in a way was a deterrent to the quality of the episode. I notice more and more that Kudrow seems to be playing parts like this. I think she does sweet and goofy better than mean and surly. Just my opinion.

    A decent but uneven episode of Cougar Town. Hopefully they'll bounce back next week. Thanks for reading...moreless

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    • Jules: She acts like she's so much smarter than me. Smarter than I. Which is it?
      Jeff: It's smarter than-
      Jules: Don't answer that! I mean, I know you went to Harvard and everything, but really, no one cares.
      Jeff: I didn't go to Harvard.
      Jules: Well in my head, you did. You were also captain of the crew team.
      Jeff: This is a weird day.

    • Jules: I'm so sorry I brought you here.
      Jeff: No, I like that your ex-husband lives on a boat. It means I can never let you down.

    • Laurie: If Matt Damon weren't married and if he weren't a movie star and if he lived this town, I totally think we would date.
      Jules: That's a lot of ifs.
      Ellie: Yet, not enough.

    • Grayson: (Sees Bobby swat something over his shoulder) You okay?
      Bobby: Oh yeah, it's just been a while since I've worn a tie. I keep feeling like someone's trying to strangle me.

    • Grayson: Smith's family owns that giant house over on Rose Street, you know, the one that looks like a hotel.
      Laurie: Wait, that hotel?
      Grayson: It's actually a house.
      Bobby: The one that's next to the hotel.
      Grayson: We are not getting anywhere here.

    • Grayson: So those are the main differences between Democrats and Republicans.
      Laurie: I just wish you could make it simpler.
      Grayson: Uh, donkey likes hybrids, healthcare, and homosexuals, and elephant likes God.
      Laurie: I saw an elephant pray at a circus once.
      Grayson: Wow, that's… relevant.
      Laurie: So both of our votes count the same, right?
      Grayson: Yeah, it's a, uh, great system.
      Laurie: I think it works.

    • Grayson: Smith wasn't attracted to you because he thought you were couth.
      Laurie: Grayson, that is a word that only women are allowed to use when they're really angry with another woman.
      Grayson: Couth. You know, the opposite of uncouth.
      Laurie: Right, because if I didn't know what couth meant putting an un in front of it makes it perfectly clear. Who's dumb now?
      Grayson: Obviously I am.

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