Cougar Town

Season 2 Episode 21

Something Good Coming

Aired Tuesday 10:30 PM May 25, 2011 on TBS

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  • Season 2 Finale

    I missed a handful of episodes this season of Cougar Town. In a way, I don't regret it. All the times I've watched this show, I've tried desperately to become a fan but nothing has really, for the lack of better word: wowed me. The finale was pretty good; we got a vacation-esque episode. Sort of like what Scrubs did in it's eighth season.

    We got a few noteworthy scenes, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't laugh once. But the Jules & Grayson relationship has become so tired, and it's not the least bit interesting. I found it kind of ironic that Courtney Cox's character on this show doesn't want to have kids and her former character on Friends had baby fever.

    I'm most impressed with the Travis & Laurie friendship. Seems strong enough I suppose. I liked their scenes together. Overall, solid finale, but nothing special.
  • Light-hearted, sweet, funny. Dialogue is smart, modern, real.

    This show is great to kick back and watch for 30 minutes. This episode was especially warm to the heart for a number of reasons. Bobby finally realizes that he's lonely - something we knew was coming. He's been the 3rd wheel the entire second season. We also know that Jules and Grayson are becoming closer. Travis needing to move on from his old girlfriend and Laurie helping him successfully do that. The dynamics of this cast are amazing; so much so that scenes do not work well with one character alone. There always has to be two or more cast members. The dialogue is just so smart, modern, and real. And the quick quips from one or more of the group make for lots of short bursts of laughter. I love the interactions between Ian Gomez and Christa Miller. I love Ian Gomez in general. I love Courtney Cox in this revised character and her scenes yesterday with her steady boyfriend Grayson were heart-warming - they really have grown as a couple. Jules has stepped back and realized that Grayson is "here to stay" not just hitching a ride. After this second season it's clear that their relationship may be here to stay. And Dan Byrd and Busy Phillips are equally proving to be great actors. Busy Phillips' character has undergone revisions as well, maturing.
  • The gang's trip to Hawaii uncovers critical issues and lasting friendships.

    It's funny how this show has progressed from older women checking out younger guys to a group of friends that would do anything for each other. It's such an easy premise yet few shows manage to make it work. Cougar Town has the right characters even with their age differences for this job.
    Grayson's child wish was a subject that had to be adressed but since we are in Hawaii, the show took its sweet time to get there. Either way the outcome, I think I would have supported it. The show made it an honorable excuse for a break-up yet a sealing confirmation of one couples' love. The other emotional plot of the episode involved Travis and Laurie (and Community's Abed), which I think is still a fun couple for future seasons. The plot was a little bit confusing because I didn't quite understand why Travis would be mad, but hey, it got the boy back to Florida so who cares really?
    The downside of the finale was that there wasn't too much to laugh. There were some good jokes, Tom was mildly funny and Ellie had some mean comments but it was medium rare opposed to full on burning. A lot of emotional topics to tackle but not enough jokes to compensate it.