Cougar Town

Season 2 Episode 22

Something Good Coming, Part 2

Aired Tuesday 10:30 PM May 25, 2011 on TBS

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  • 2.22 "Something Good Coming, pt.2"

    One of the best episodes that defines this show in an amazing way. Grayson's biological clock is ticking like crazy and Jules forgot her control pills at home, but later she agrees to 'take on every crazy adventure' with him, so I guess she wouldn't mind having a kid with him which is admirable. Travis agrees to come home after Laurie takes action, but I am not sure here ... I think she has some deep feelings for him, they'd be a cute couple, but I am not sure how would Jules react to that. And Tom was killin' it again ;) I like him, he is a super sweet guy who doesn't realize how creepy he is, LMAO. Ok, this was an amazing seeason finale. I watched the first two seasons in 14 days which means I watched at least 3 episodes every day! I fell in love with this show. It is amazing and makes me smile, feel good about myself and always manages to get me in this magically great mood, I keep smiling during every episode and sometimes I literally laugh out loud. Definitely gonna watch the 3rd season, but not immediately, I'll probably wait until the season (I hope that won't be the series finale yet, but this season is kinda tanking in ratings and it's all ABC's fault for treating this great show like crap, placing it in mideseason and pre-empting) finale, so I won't be bothered by the breaks. Cannot wait, but it's a shame there's only like 15 eps in this season. Hm, better than nothing I guess. 10/10