Cougar Town

Season 2 Episode 10

The Same Old You

Aired Tuesday 10:30 PM Dec 08, 2010 on TBS

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    This show is very good and you can just tell when the closing scene ends with the family and friends trying to fish parts of a boat underwater with "The Good Life" by OneRepublic plays in the background. We didn't get some obvious Scrubs-esque humor here, but that's probably not the worst thing. This show is really coming it's own.

    The title card for this episode was hilarious. My only complaint about the episode was even the mention of a possibility of Travis & Laurie relationship was too hard to fathom, and quite too ridiculous considering the writers have created a brotherly/sisterly bond between the two of them. The transitions between the golfing and the boat were very well done.

    A part I found myself laughing hysterically at was the 80s montage gag. I literally was thinking the same thing when the song came on, the fact that they issued it so bluntly was absolutely hysterical. Good episode, bad ratings, yet again, undeserved.
  • Bobby sinks

    I didn't like the Bobby part of this story line because it seemed a little forced and random and it brought up problems that didn't seem to really exist. The end with the boat sinking seemed like a cop out and even though it showed that he had matured that he wasn't freaking out, I thought he should be freaking out because that is where he live.
    What I did love about this episode was the show finally recognizes the potential weirdness between Laurie and Travis who are fairly close in age and have a very odd friendship because of the structure of the show. I liked how the referenced it without pushing the envelope of where it could go and the whole Laurie as a sorority sister was great.
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