Cougar Town

Season 1 Episode 18

Turn This Car Around

Aired Tuesday 10:30 PM Mar 24, 2010 on TBS
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Sheryl Crow guest stars as Sara, a confident wine representative, who sets her sights on Grayson, but is he strong enough to be with her? Meanwhile, Ellie tells Jules that she cannot change something about her because of her age and Jules tries to prove her wrong by not drinking for a month. While Bobby's new dog is Andy's competition.moreless

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  • Another very enjoyable episode!

    I thought the storlyline in this episode was not garbage, as this show has produced in the past, but instead, it was actually quite unique, and very enjoyable to watch.

    I thought the sepisode was definitely quite funny, particularly when Jules began attempting to learn Mandarin! THat was funny all right, and I really enjoyed that scene!

    Overall, the storyline and the humour combined well to generate a very enjoyable all-round episode, and I ereally liked every minute of it! This show is certainly on the right track to success!

    I'd highly recommend this episode of Cougar Town, and I hope it continues this way!moreless
  • A new wine salesperson sets her sites on Grayson, but is he up for it? Everyone especially Elle is on Jules about her drinking in a fun way, but then she gets serious and stops drinking driving everyone away. Bobby gets a dog!moreless

    A fun episode with some weaknesses. Sheryl Crow shows up as Sara, a wine salesmen selling Grayson's business supplies. She's good and she's also interested in Grayson. Unfortunately he has no idea how to act with a real women as he hasn't really been with one since his divorce. A very funny sequence of events unfolds.

    The other two plots were related to Jules and Elle/Laurie and Bobby with a dog and Andy's reaction.

    Jules decides to quit drinking which in the end drives everyone else crazy. Of course Jules is a little OCD to begin with which makes you wonder what she becomes sober? Hmmm...

    Andy gets jealous when Bobby gets a large dog and he is afraid he will take his place as his best friend. Tiring sequences occur related to Andy versus the dog with the dog winning most of the time.

    Not the best episode of the season, but still entertaining. Jules is a little crazed regularly. No alcohol for this character could be a disaster. Hmmm, I wonder what we're teaching people? Self medicate! Thanks for reading...moreless

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    • Ellie: Jules, at our age, we are who we are. There's no more changing.
      Jules: Well that sucks. Then how am I going to have my antiques shop in Paris?
      Ellie: Well, that's easy. You're not.
      Jules: You just lost your discount!

    • Jules: You know what this means, Ellie! I can still change! I just almost have to die! You know I bet if I almost died from drinking wine, I could stop doing that too!
      Ellie: I'm not sure that's the right message to take away from this.

    • Sarah: Try some of that banter you use on the young girls.
      Grayson : Well, we start with middle names and then do favorite numbers, and if things are going really well we'll move on to kittens vs. puppies. I like puppies cause it tickles when they lick you.
      Sarah: Okay let's just do this. Are you close with your folks?
      Grayson: Not a great area.
      Sarah: Do you see yourself getting married again?
      Grayson: Also usually avoided.
      Sarah: Once when trekking through Nepal, I had to act out "Where can I find a tampon?" to a monk. This conversation? Harder than that.

    • Ellie: Aw, did someone not have fun on his big-boy date?
      Grayson: "Why did you marriage fall apart?" "Are your parents nice?" "What are your hopes and dreams?" Why can't we just talk how real people talk?
      Jules: That is how real people talk.
      Ellie: Zinger! Right here. (Does a chest bump with Jules) Bing!

    • Laurie: I'm still young enough to totally change who I am.
      Ellie: We can only hope.

    • Grayson: (After being caught putting a girl into a cab by Jules and Ellie) Go ahead.
      Jules: You know, she's so young she might actually be from the future!
      Ellie: Does her dad work on the moon?
      Grayson: That's great. Can I go now?
      Jules: Not till we celebrate. Girl chest bump. (Jules and Ellie bump chests) Bing!

    • Grayson: Oprah says talking on your phone while driving is dangerous.
      Travis: Does Oprah say anything about how lame it is for grown-ass men to watch Oprah?
      Grayson: No. She loves us.

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