Cougar Town

Season 1 Episode 8

Two Gunslingers

Aired Tuesday 10:30 PM Nov 18, 2009 on TBS
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Mad because her two best friends don't get along, Jules tries to have fun at her birthday. She finally convinces Ellie and Laurie to go with her on a wild birthday weekend, and they accept. But Jules encounters her nemesis with her flirtatious husband.

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  • Episode 8

    Another mess of an episode of Cougar Town tonight. This will probably be the last time I watch this show, it is just too painful on my head. Courtney Cox was good on Dirt, while it lasted, and of course millions of people loved her on Friends, but it might be time to end her run on television. She's just not doing it for me and this show is just a mess.

    If only ABC hadn't canceled Samantha Who?, a show Cougar Town often tries to emulate but fails miserably in doing so. I didn't realize how good Samantha was until you see this in comparison.moreless
  • Watching this is a grueling ordeal...

    It's an unfair world out there. We have shows like Cougar Town where ratings are out of the park, and good comedies on the Wednesday block like Gary Unmarried treading the scary waters of cancellation. Courtney Cox is simply unbearable here. She tries to do a Monica in literally every episode, when she should actually try to work on something that is more original. The women surrounding her are annoying, when they should actually be covering the weakness of the central character. The men can't simply fit into the shoes of the character. As always you must have a certain charisma to make people laugh, and not expect them to laugh because you read funny lines from a monitor. Weak episode.moreless
  • It's Jules 41st birthday and she is sick and tired of Ellie and Laurie fighting all the time so she plans a weekend at a resort with the three of them and tells them to get a long. Grayson agrees to watch Travis even though he's eighteen.moreless

    A little bit of a rebound after last week. A few very funny bits like Jules white bikini which is see through like most white bathing suits after they get wet. Usually they have a backing because of that. Jules arch nemesis Shanna played by Rachel Harris happens to be at the beach and acts condescending. By the time the episode is done Jules runs into her three times all at inopportune moments.

    Later on we find out that her nemesis husband played by Alan Ruck, with a really bad mustache, had fantasies about Jules when she was married to Bobby and told his wife of all things which explains her problem with Jules.

    On the home front, Grayson stops Travis from having fun with Kylie played by Spencer Locke who he has at home. To get back at Grayson, Travis flimflams him into revealing a very personal piece of information which Grayson will not be able to recover from if Jules finds out. Can you say leverage?

    A fun episode with a little too much emphasis on the girlfriends and their relationship, but other than that it was pretty entertaining. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • Still not interesting, but a whole lot better than some other episodes.

    This was a boring and uninteresting addition to this series, but I will admit that it was quite a bit better than some of the previous episodes. The storyline over here was deccent, but a total cliche, and nothing creative and imaginative.,

    The episode did have some funny moments, but as a whole, it was still quite boring and I did not enjoy it too much. I've been generous with a score of '7.5', but it probably deserves 6 or 6.5>.

    I wouldn't recommend this epiosde, as it's all been heard and said before, but the show does have potential, and I hope it develops well in the future episodes.moreless

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