Cougar Town

Season 1 Episode 16

What Are You Doin' In My Life?

Aired Tuesday 10:30 PM Mar 03, 2010 on TBS
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Episode Summary

Laurie needs a co-signer to buy her first condo and her absent mother is no help at all. Meanwhile, Bobby is mugged by a woman and Travis comes to Barb's help after her latest cosmetic surgery procedure.

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  • Laurie decides to grow up and buy a home of her own. Andy looks over her finances and tells her she needs a co-signer. Her Mom shows up and is in worse shape all around then she is. Jules ends up coming through for her in the end. Bobby gets mugged!moreless

    Very strange episode even for Cougar Town. You knew things were going to get strange when Laurie started to act like a grown up.

    Laurie's Mom Sheila played very strangely by Beverly D'Angelo who was playing a caricature of herself playing a Mom was not really good. For once Jules actually was the most normal character in the episode. Bobby getting beat up by the woman was predictable and sad at the same time. They've now got Grayson completely drawn into their weirdness. At least at one point he was an amusing bystander in the past. Even Ellie who is usually the cool calm collected person was a little strange this evening and her husband Andy was at least his usual predictably happy self. The bit with Travis and Barb was a little surreal as well. Also, what was with the waxing the arm pits thing? Ouch!!!

    Not a really synergistic episode with things all over the place. The plots have been better in the past for sure. Is it because the show has been renewed or did they write this before then? Rhetorical question! I have noticed the last few episode do not have the same solid plot lines the early episodes had. We'll see where they go from here. Thanks for reading...moreless

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    • Bobby: Ellie, I realized something. You took the time to prank me and you had my back. We're friends, aren't we? (Andy gasps excitedly)
      Ellie: Andy, leave. (Andy leaves the room) I didn't want him wetting the floor.
      Bobby: Say we're friends.
      Ellie: Okay, look. Since you and Jules got divorced, I have noticed a few things. You're a good father, you're trying hard to be a less ridiculous person, and we're closer to being...
      Bobby: We're friends?
      Ellie: Yes.

    • Jules: Laurie, we all have our embarrassing family members.
      Bobby: (Walks in) Yello! That wasn't a coincidence, I was outside waiting for an entrance line.

    • Bobby: You still grouchy about my alleged tab?
      Grayson: (Pulls back the beer he was about to serve Bobby and pours it down the drain). Oh, headfake. Goodbye delicious beer!
      Bobby: That's hateful.
      Ellie: I felt bad about you getting mugged, so I bought you some stuff. A rape whistle to help protect you from other scary lady muggers, some of that yogurt that helps old gals poop-
      Andy: That stuff really works. Like, BOOM!

      Ellie: And some tampons.
      Bobby: Awesome! (To Grayson) Hey if I put these in the machine in the ladies' room, can I get some nachos?
      Ellie: How are you not embarrassed?
      Bobby: Sorry, Ellie. Can't be done.
      Andy: You're talking to a guy whose main goal in life is to party so hard he literally craps his pants in every country.
      Bobby: I already knocked off America and Mexico. Mexico was easy.

    • Grayson: You're taking this pretty well.
      Bobby: So are you, considering it was your money.
      Grayson: What?
      Bobby: Well you said consider that money yours, ergo, you got robbed.
      Ellie: I love hillbilly logic.
      Grayson: That's not how it works! Someone tell him that's not how it works!

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    • Named after a song on Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers album titled Damn The Torpedoes.

    • Bobby: I get why she's picking on me. But you? My guys? My Murdoch and Face?

      Murdoch and Face were components of The A-Team, being Murdoch the mad one and Face the handsome one.