Cougar Town

Season 2 Episode 6

You Don't Know How It Feels

Aired Tuesday 10:30 PM Oct 27, 2010 on TBS
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Jules' dad visits for Halloween, and she is determined to reconnect with him, even to the point that she dresses for him in Halloween, his favorite holiday. Meanwhile, Grayson hits it off with Jules dad, Bobby wants to remain being baby Stan's guardian, if anything happen to Ellie and Andy, and Laurie reminds Travis how fun can Halloween be.moreless
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  • 2.06 "You Don't Know How It Feels" ...

    ... a.k.a HALLOWEEN EPISODE ;) yes, it was a really different Cougar Town feeling in this one, although still pretty funny as usual, it also dealt with some more serious stuff surrounding Jules and her dad. We got to learn some new things about her background and why their relationship is so complicated nowadays - and yeah, daddy has got some serious issues with expressing some loving towards his 40-something daughter. Meanwhile, Ellie and Laurie switch places - literally. 7.5/10moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Halloween Costumes:
      Jules: Princess
      Ellie: Laurie
      Laurie: Ellie
      Andy: Burt Reynolds
      Bobby: Windy Guy
      Grayson: Prince (singer)
      Travis: Andy
      Chick Bear

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Travis: (Dressed as Andy to Laurie dressed as Ellie) Hey, honey.
      Laurie: Oh my god!
      Travis: My wife's way too hot for me and I'm Cuban but I don't speak Spanish!
      Laurie: This is awesome!
      Andy: C'mon!
      Travis: C'mon!

    • Ellie: Listen, I know I'm hard on you. I make fun of your job, your boat, the way you talk. But even after I was a jerk to you, you still put Stan first.
      Bobby: I'll always put that kid first.
      Ellie: Which is why you're back in as guardian. Because I know in my heart if anything happened to me you would see to it that Stan grow up to be the man that you know... you're not.
      Bobby: So if you, Andy and Jules bite the dust, he's mine?
      Ellie: Yep.
      Bobby: You're never riding in the car with those again, are you?
      Ellie: No chance.

    • Ellie: (Dressed as Laurie) Hey, peeps! Let's get our drink on! What, what! What, what!
      Laurie: (Dressed as Ellie) So dumb. Andy, go do whatever I say even though you make all the money.
      Ellie: Nezzie put a camera on the floor because I never wear underwear. What, what, what! (Both start laughing)
      Andy: I am so turned on right now.

    • Jules: My dad's like the salt of the earth and you're a vain little dandy.
      Grayson: Vain? I am not-
      Jules: Mirror.
      Grayson: (Talking to his reflection) Hey, playboy! You already know, you so sly!
      Chick: (Looking in the mirror) Who the hell are you talking to?

    • Grayson: Why would your dad hate me?
      Jules: First of all, your name is Grayson.
      Grayson: Grayson is a cool name.
      Laurie: If you're a hunting dog.

    • Grayson: These visits are always a disaster? Chick seems great.
      Jules: Yeah, with all of you, he's captain Superfun.
      Laurie: Hey, that could be my costume!
      Jules: But when it's just the two of us, he becomes captain Emotionally Distant.
      Grayson: That could be my costume! I wouldn't even have to dress up.

    • Travis: Why are you guys staring at me?
      Kevin: No reason. (Laurie pops up from under Travis's covers, he screams)
      Laurie: Happy Halloween, bitch!

    • Chick: I know who all these other folks are, but who are you?
      Grayson: I'm Grayson. I'm kind of dating your daughter.
      Jules: Kind of? We're sleeping together.
      Grayson: Thank you.

    • Andy: (To Bobby) If it was up to me, if Ellie died, you and I would raise Stan.
      Bobby: Come on, E-train, I'm responsible enough to take care of Stan.
      Ellie: How many shoes do you think you're wearing?
      Bobby: What? (Looks at his bare left foot) Aw, man. Where'd lefty go?

    • Ellie: Whenever Jules's dad comes to visit, she starts talking all folksy.
      Jules: Ellie Torres, I'm fixin' to get so mad at you!
      Ellie: Really? Are you fixin'?

  • NOTES (4)