Cougar Town

Season 3 Episode 15

Your World

Aired Tuesday 10:30 PM May 29, 2012 on TBS

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    This episode is the reason why whoever is out there rating these episodes badly should stop!! Stop coming on to this website and going to this show's section and giving it a bad rating. STOP WATCHING THE SHOW IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT!!! The episode was beautiful. The end was beautiful. The music is beautiful. The show isn't suppose to make you laugh out loud. The show is there to make you smile... and guess what... funnily enough it does!! So would it be.. that what the show sets out to do... it succeeds. I think so.... Look at how I met your mother in particular. It's embarrassing to watch but it keeps going on!! For all your haters out there, there's obviously more people than you who like it, that's why it has to be renewed. Get off this page, or do us all a favour and ban them.
  • Spazzy, crazy, all over the place... and exactly why we love Cougar Town

    (spoilers ahead).

    I could barely stop smiling during the season finale of Cougar Town. I'm relieved it will live to drink again on TBS, but this episode would;ve served as a great series finale if otherwise (thankfully, it doesn;t have to).

    This episode starts out with Grayson cracking under the pressure of everyone always being around now that he has officially moved into Jules' house and doesn;t have his clubhouse to run back to anymore. He laments it's like living in Groundhog Day which Jules still can;t understand despite the fact she;s seen it quite a few times. This is where she finds the activity for her bachelorette party; wearing the cliche tiara and watching Groundhog Day with Ellie and Laurie who attempt to explain it to her. Grayson finally cracks and tells Laurie that Jules only made her maid of honor cause she didn't want to hurt her feelings. This of course hurts Laurie and the gang decides to get back at her by making her feel like they're stuck in the same day. Grayson then proposes that they elope in Napa which Jules agrees to... with the whole gang in tow.

    The next episode revolves around them in Napa with Jules attemtping to get Grayson's daughter to Napa, and when she realizes they can;t they go back to Florida.

    This episode was the epitome of why this show is so great, because it had everything; Grayson growing tired of everybody else;s presence, wisdom from bobby and dog travis, an adorable scene featuring stan;s first game of penny can, ellie itching to hurt laurie with the maid of honor news only for grayson to pull the pin instead. And the final scene of Jules and Grayson was absolutely perfect; them on the beach, walking slowly so as to evade the cops, with Jules' father riding up on horseback to marry them, Tom there with Grayson's daughter, Travis taking the pictures. The wedding was as sweet and crazy as the proposal, and it was great that Grayson and Jules actually got married. With people getting proposed and not getting married all the time, (not that I was disappointed Finchel didnt tie the knot) it was great that they got their dream wedding after all.