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Series 2

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    Alright everyone, I've just bought my copy today, and there's some good news but bad news too.  The good news is that the DVD is region 0, so anyone who lives outside Region 2 countries might be able to play it after all.  Sadly, there are no extras at all, which might be the result of cramming all 19 episodes onto two disks. It was a good buy though, although my copy wasn't a bargain.  Mine was bought from HMV for £18, and it might be bought from Virgin Megastores for about a pound cheaper.

    Nice to have seen the some of the episodes I haven't seen, on this DVD 

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    They already had extras about the making of the show on the first set iirc. This show is pretty old and not super popular to make it worth going back to the archives for cutting floor materials etc. I'm super happy they released this on DVD already, and i hope they will come up with Series 3+4 (in one bundle I should think) soon too.
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