Count Duckula

ITV (ended 1993)


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  • Transylvanian giggles guaranteed!

    How on earth did I end up forgetting about how much I loved this cartoon for almost ten years?

    Count Duckula, one of the many favourites of British 20-somethings, has acquired quite a hefty worldwide fanbase over the past few years. Here's why.

    It was a witty cartoon, you can't deny that. I probably wouldn't watch an episode without giving a little giggle at it, whether it's a possible innuendo which I can get now but couldn't as a kid, or references to other things such as Laurel and Hardy. Some episodes however are rather cliched, often taking on fairytales and stories such as Jerkyl and Hyde. Regarding to the quality of the animation, I guess it's quite fair overall, considering the budget and how it was animated with cels. It might be very smooth in some episodes, but a few episodes are very poorly animated and off model. But I have to say this, it's better than the animation in Dangermouse, and I think Cosgrove Hall had bettered themselves since then.

    Next you've got the voice cast. Duckula had a rather cheeky, wise-cracking voice, while his manservant Igor's voice was low, depressing but wise. Nanny's was memorably dimwitted but amusingly Westcountry, along with the stereotypically dopey German accent that belonged to Dr Von Goosewing [expect a few jokes about the German language in some episodes]. Overall, I think Count Duckula is a cartoon that's very worth watching if you're into the works of Cosgrove Hall Films, or older British animation in general.

    Oh, and did I tell you how much of a unique idea a vegetarian vampire duck living in a teleporting castle, with a butler more sinister than him, is?