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Countdown with Keith Olbermann

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Countdown with Keith Olbermann follows the mild mannered, funny, and intelligent news anchor Keith Olbermann, as he takes you through the top five news stories of the day. These stories range from the important events of the day with live Countdown exclusive interviews and the thoughts of Keith Olbermann and his staff. During the countdown, Keith does special segments like "Keeping Tabs", where he informs the viewers on celebrity action only Countdown could dish out. Also Keith pokes fun at the lame, out of this world, and just flat out stupid news events on the segment "Oddball". Viewers could see a condensed one hour recap of the day's events on Countdown with Keith Olbermann as it aired Mondays through Fridays on MSNBC at 8pm eastern and a repeat showing at 11:00pm and 4:00am eastern on MSNBC. In January 2011 Keith Olbermann accepted a contract buy out by MSNBC, in the Spring of 2011 he was hired by Current TV.

    The United States of Tara, Hoarders, and Countdown with Keith Olbermann

    What to watch on Monday, June 20.


    America's Got Cable: MSNBC vs. Current

    This week's America's Got Cable battle may or may not involve Keith Olbermann!

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    • he is the defintion of arrogant, I will even use pretty much the same thing I used for Chris Matthews because they are pretty much interhcangable when it comes to bias and agenda setting.moreless

      Anyonewho thinks he isn't liberally biased, is an example of extremism in this country. It's really sad, that's their opinon but if you watch you will see that is a close minded and biased opinon. I find it ironic people talk about O'reilly, I'm not saying Bill O'reilly doesn't slant to the right, but this guy slants just as far if not further to the left. It's sad that news organizations of any kind want to only give you propaganda. I think it's even sadder when people are becoming hypocritical by nailing one side for it but ignoring some bias because it's what you want to here. It seems to me that is what some people are doing anymore. I asked people to watch Chris Matthews with an open mind and even if he is telling you what you want to here, ask yourself is it the truth or just propaganda.

      I have one more thing to add, I didn't like him before he was arrogant when he was doing sports too, I have never seen someopne so arrgoant and full of himself with no reason reason to be like that.moreless
    • Got to watch the news at 8!

      I watch the news at 8 pm because I don't watch anyhthing else. I watch "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" almost every night at 8 pm. If he's not on, I probabyu watch "Family Guy" rerunbs on TBS or maybe a movie. But if Keith is on, I will watch. His show is a counter news shows to all the stuff on Fox News Channel. I don't watch The Fox News channel, but I'll watch "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" every night, or nearly every night. My favorite segment, is Worst Persons in the world. I love that segment. I also love Tea time. To me, the real news hour comes on at 8!moreless
    • Quick witted, Keith points out trivia in the political arena that would go un-noticed by the average viewer. I am impressed with the speed of research the show obviously spends to air up to date facts with a left-wing point of view.moreless

      Definately more entertaining than O' Riley, smarter than the weeping psycho on Fox; Olbermann brings a certain flare to the political arena. A little too left on his political stance but he does keep you interested. I do like the fact that speculation is kept for his guests and uncovered information regarding events of the day is revealed. His arch enemy would probably be the talk show host Rush, which he rakes over coals alot. Though propaganda reigns on both sides of the political spectrum, Keith has a gift of insight that makes ordinary news entertaining. The right wing viewers would find some of his comments edgy but I recommend at least watching one show.moreless
    • Keith Olbermann reporting the news, not making it up!

      "Bottom line" Must have an IQ over 4 to appreciate Keith Olbermann. I understand how you can be tired of news, that isn't bought. Its' not exciting, It doesn't tell you everything is better than it is. IT doesn't blame the DEPRESSION we are in on Democrats who had no real say in government since Bill Clinton left. What good is news, if it points out that republicans screwed our country with a rubber stamp government? He didn't start the war, he just reports all the friends of the Bush administration, that profit BIG TIME by it! If you want news, watch Keith Olbermann. If you want a circus, turn on Fox.moreless
    • Keith Olbermann is the left wing equivalent of Bill O'Reilly on FOX News, with more actual news.

      Some of the criticisms in previous reviews are apt:

      He spends far too much time bashing Bush and McCain, he DOES have the same guests on all the time (this is my biggest complaint with the show), he pontificates a bit too much.

      On the other hand, the accusation of partisanship is a little unfair. Olbermann is partisan and makes no bones about it. He does not deny his bias. This is in sharp contrast to Bill O'Reilly who reads talking points direct from the White House and RNC and claims he's an "independent" and "fair and balanced".

      And unlike his counterparts at FOX News he deals mostly with real issues not complete nonsense like the "War on Christmas" and "secret Muslim terrorists".moreless

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