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  • he is the defintion of arrogant, I will even use pretty much the same thing I used for Chris Matthews because they are pretty much interhcangable when it comes to bias and agenda setting.

    Anyonewho thinks he isn't liberally biased, is an example of extremism in this country. It's really sad, that's their opinon but if you watch you will see that is a close minded and biased opinon. I find it ironic people talk about O'reilly, I'm not saying Bill O'reilly doesn't slant to the right, but this guy slants just as far if not further to the left. It's sad that news organizations of any kind want to only give you propaganda. I think it's even sadder when people are becoming hypocritical by nailing one side for it but ignoring some bias because it's what you want to here. It seems to me that is what some people are doing anymore. I asked people to watch Chris Matthews with an open mind and even if he is telling you what you want to here, ask yourself is it the truth or just propaganda.

    I have one more thing to add, I didn't like him before he was arrogant when he was doing sports too, I have never seen someopne so arrgoant and full of himself with no reason reason to be like that.
  • Got to watch the news at 8!

    I watch the news at 8 pm because I don't watch anyhthing else. I watch "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" almost every night at 8 pm. If he's not on, I probabyu watch "Family Guy" rerunbs on TBS or maybe a movie. But if Keith is on, I will watch. His show is a counter news shows to all the stuff on Fox News Channel. I don't watch The Fox News channel, but I'll watch "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" every night, or nearly every night. My favorite segment, is Worst Persons in the world. I love that segment. I also love Tea time. To me, the real news hour comes on at 8!
  • Quick witted, Keith points out trivia in the political arena that would go un-noticed by the average viewer. I am impressed with the speed of research the show obviously spends to air up to date facts with a left-wing point of view.

    Definately more entertaining than O' Riley, smarter than the weeping psycho on Fox; Olbermann brings a certain flare to the political arena. A little too left on his political stance but he does keep you interested. I do like the fact that speculation is kept for his guests and uncovered information regarding events of the day is revealed. His arch enemy would probably be the talk show host Rush, which he rakes over coals alot. Though propaganda reigns on both sides of the political spectrum, Keith has a gift of insight that makes ordinary news entertaining. The right wing viewers would find some of his comments edgy but I recommend at least watching one show.
  • Keith Olbermann reporting the news, not making it up!

    "Bottom line" Must have an IQ over 4 to appreciate Keith Olbermann. I understand how you can be tired of news, that isn't bought. Its' not exciting, It doesn't tell you everything is better than it is. IT doesn't blame the DEPRESSION we are in on Democrats who had no real say in government since Bill Clinton left. What good is news, if it points out that republicans screwed our country with a rubber stamp government? He didn't start the war, he just reports all the friends of the Bush administration, that profit BIG TIME by it! If you want news, watch Keith Olbermann. If you want a circus, turn on Fox.
  • Keith Olbermann is the left wing equivalent of Bill O'Reilly on FOX News, with more actual news.

    Some of the criticisms in previous reviews are apt:
    He spends far too much time bashing Bush and McCain, he DOES have the same guests on all the time (this is my biggest complaint with the show), he pontificates a bit too much.

    On the other hand, the accusation of partisanship is a little unfair. Olbermann is partisan and makes no bones about it. He does not deny his bias. This is in sharp contrast to Bill O'Reilly who reads talking points direct from the White House and RNC and claims he's an "independent" and "fair and balanced".

    And unlike his counterparts at FOX News he deals mostly with real issues not complete nonsense like the "War on Christmas" and "secret Muslim terrorists".
  • Could be better even when you think it couldn't.

    Dr. Maddow should host more. When not hosting, she's the pundit that would allow the points to get across and still allow Olbermann to save his "street cred." Yet, notice folks, that she doesn't tell anyone to vote one way or another, to do this or that. She just has so much knowledge tucked into that brain, that she imparts just enough to make us think. I am crazy about her T.V. appearances and don't miss if I can help it. Try her out. She's addictive. I have noticed of late that MSNBC is using her more but the hosts should not be afraid of her; she doesn't bite (them). While MSNBC brings itself up to par, they should think about keeping the CNBC reporter on CNBC and not letting him on the pundit part of the various MSNBC shows since he doesn't talk about the subject at hand; will not be disagreed with and frankly is rather boring.
  • Hey! Keith's actual ratings are as low as my rating of his show! What a coincidence!

    It's no mystery that MSNBC is the most blatantly liberal news network on T.V. And the apparent flagship of this fleet o' bitterness is "Countdown with Keith Olbermann". I'll be honest with you, I've never actually made it through an episode of this show. Why? Because it's so full of: conservative bashing, Republican bashing, Bush bashing,(Seriously guys, no one cares, most people are concerned with a thing called the presidential election.)Fox News bashing and Olbermann's seemingly undying hatred for one Mr. Bill O'reilly. This is what I see every time I switch to this show. So, instead of watching someone whine about how Fox News is bad, because they're beating MSNBC in the ratings for the entire show, I turn to something entertaining. Look, there's nothing informative about this show. It's so one-sided most people just don't watch it. Mr. Olbermann's show is taken so lightly, the folks who make it on his "Worst person in the world" list take it as a complement. You can do much better in the way of news, so change the channel.
  • Mean. Extreme far left. Boring. Has the same guests every day. If you were on fire and he had a bucket of water, he would probably ask you if you were a conservative before saving you.

    Olbermann's show is like the opposite of what he thinks FOX news is (but isn't). He is very left wing and does not hide it. He bashes Bill O'reilly EVERY DAY. He doesn't do it in a funny way. Its just constant bile. It got old after the first 100 times he did it. Now its like playa hating. He is the fat kid who is really mad that the quaterback gets the cute cheerleader. She should like him with all his smarts! A better send up of O'reilly is on Comedy central with Colbert.

    The shows content is far left as well with constant Bush bashing (this is old to) and the same left wing guests every day. it is almost like he refuses to talk to anyone not politically like him. At least Hardball has some republicans on it, even if Chris Mathews is to the left. And Mathews is smart, experienced and knowledgable. Worst of all, he spouts conspiracy theories off far left web sites as news.

    I have no problem with MS-NBC being liberal, since FOX is to the right, but Olbermann is just too mean spirited to be taken seriously. I do not know why he is not fired. His ratings are terrible, he is a former sportscaster with no connections, and he is not personable for the reasons listed above. I get uncomortable just watching this dreck.
  • Keith an absolute great commentator and speaker. He should run for president with Jon Stewart as a running mate and Colbert as Speaker of the house. We would rock as a nation. I also find him sincere and informative. He hsould be on primetime.

    Keith is a good speaker and commentator. He doesn't care for Bill O'really which makes him a hit in my book. He has a knowledgable array of guests on. I really like the worst
    person in the world segment. I like the way he closes his
    show with a new number applying to mission accomplished.
    He is not afraid to give his opinion. He seems to really care and be sincere. I'd like to see him, Jon Stewart
    and Colbert as an anchor team on prime time. They would probably be the only ones telling the truth. I love his
    satire and wicked sense of humor.
  • I think he is the best anchor out there!!

    I think he is way better and way more truthful compared to billo factor who makes things up and wont let other people respond!! He lets people have there word pon his show and he lets people talk!! unlike billo who as i speak has peopl making stuff up on his show like michelle malkin who is sayin the far left is not letting john edwards presidential hopeful is being threatn but left wing bush haters who hate christans, so if he fires them he wont when with the support of the left wing!! I think Kieth keeps him in check!!
  • Cutting edge news program

    Despite sometimes coming off a jerk at times I think
    That this show is ahead of its time as well As off the wall cunning humor from the day's news stories
    From former ESPN anchor Keith Olbermann. The show really is
    A very smart way to look at how they put in the
    Stories of the day in particular.
  • Keith Olbermann provides a smart alecky, yet smart, look on the most important and popular news of the day.

    Keith Olbermann is still the same guy I used to love watching on SportsCenter, but now his realm is more than sports, it's ALL news of the day. There is usually a tongue in cheek approach to most of his stories, but every once in a while, when it is necessary his tone can be grave and important. Keith is a born newscaster. Segments such as Oddball, Keeping Tabs, Worst Person in the World, and Today's Soundbites keep the show light enough that you'll want to stay tuned for the important parts. The show usually starts out with the most important things, and ends with fluff, but there is the rare occasion that Keith will provide America with one of his "Special Commentaries." These commentaries try to parse the doublespeak attitude given to the citizens of America by those in charge. Usually they are barbs at the Bush administration, but truly they are barbs that are well deserved. These commentaries will usually take the place of the last fluff piece, and these are the shows I look forward to most. Olbermann is the last of the old time newscasters. He shows us, and screams at us, the truth, the reality, the way things are.
  • Best of the bunch - Keith is a GENIOUS!

    Somehow, this show can cover the largest and most important news events in this country (and sometimes others) and spin on a dime and report on inanities and absurdity that rounds out the world in which we live. Keith's Special Comments are something we look forward to in this house. The show is on our Tivo and we rarely miss it. The sheer intelligence, insight and jaded sarcasm of Keith Olbermann makes it a must view show. Yes, it is obviously NOT for FOX viewers; that's the glory of living in America - choice. He makes no bones about his disdain for FOX and Bill O'Reilly and that makes Keith that much more a hero of mine. Stupid criminals, Worst Persons of the Day, Oddball and the Tabloid stories threaded with scathing reviews of the Bush Administration and Irag - complete genious. I am a HUGE fan of this show and it is one of the only programs that I watch religiously.
  • The only real news on television.

    Keith Olbermann and his crew twice a day bring you the deep stories behind the most important news items. These include interviews with vital witnesses, to information from the last few journalists who aren't afraid to actually look into a story.

    'Countdown' reports on all sides of life, from international decisions of state, to court cases that affect the whole country--and they're not afraid to cover the absurd and the strange as well. Where else are you going to hear the truth about the town where the annual pig race went horribly wrong, or where a candidate for mayor broke into their competitor's house?

    And in the coveted 'Worst Person in the World' awards, they are not afraid to tell everybody that Bill O'Reilly is a big jerk.

    'Countdown' proves that there still are intelligent people out there.

  • The Big Giant Head at Fox News doesn't want you to watch this show.

    Keith wanted to avoid having a news show that regularly picks one story and covers it exclusively for the whole hour day after day, as so often happens with many "news" programs. This show is guaranteed to have at least five stories, and each of those stories in the countdown might be composed of two or more related stories.
    Keith's show take a litte humorious note from the Daily Show. Also this show often covers many stories that seems to fall trough the cracks of other news shows. What probable pushes this show further ahead is Bill O'Reilly. Bill has oftain attacked Keith on his show and even threatened his own veiwer/listeners if they even say Keith's name. This "war" has given Countdown a boost. For a while now Countdown's rates have been on the rise and O'Reilly's are going down.
  • The only news show that I actually record when I am not going to make it home on time to watch it.

    The first time I watched this show, I looked at Keith Olbermann and thought, he is the dude from Sportscenter. I remember watching him when I was a kid. I have been a fan of this show since its inception, primarily because I am able to understand the news when he says it.

    The show has five stories, interspersed with "Oddball," which is a look at the oddest things that happen around the world. That is followed by the top three newsmakers of the day. "Keeping Tabs" looks into the world of celebrity and gossip. Usually, the number one story of the night is the most interesting or usually, something that Olbermann's "producers forced him to cover." Usually, there are the top three soundbytes, which are quite funny to watch.

    More recently, there has been an ongoing feud between Ted Baxter and him, which is quite entertaining.
  • Best show on tv!

    The only show on tv I watch anymore...not just for laughs but for actual news. Since all other news-show anchors have surcumbed to Bush censorship or are simply just idiots, Keith's show is the last oasis in the desert. He has the courage not to be intimidated and tell it like it is...and with humor. You gotta love 'em! Sallie
  • Very entertaining, but informative news program ... best of its type on television, in my opinion.

    Countdown with Keith Olberman is without question one of the best television news programs out there. I began watching Olberman when he was paired with Dan Patrick on ESPN's SportsCenter, which was a still relatively new show then. Olberman moved to MSNBC in 2003 and began hosting Countdown. His balance of serious, informative news reporting and light-hearted, humorous segments provide a solid foundation for the show. Some of the funniest segments include "Oddball," the "Worst Person of the Day" list, and "What have we Learned?"
  • What could be better than "Jackson Puppet Theater"?. That's why it's one of my favorite news programs...

    Countdown is one of the best news programs out there. Keith is so funny at times I feel like I'm going to bust a gut. When the Jackson trial was going on, I had to watch EVERY night to see "Jackson Puppet" Theater. Seriously, that bit was one of the best on television. Late-night shows didn't do half as good with there Jackson coverage as Olberman. Each segment is filled with wonderful writing and spectacular storytelling by Keith. This show can be very funny, but serious when it counts, like during Pope's and Peter Jennings's deaths. He knows how to tell the news the way I want to hear it. I mean watching this show, sometimes I forget it's even a news program.
  • Every week night Keith brings us the top news storys of the day with a great dose of flavor. He incorporates the days events with his opinion and his interpretation of the world as it is today is right on the money. Great work Keith!!

    I orginally watched Keith on MSNBC some years back before he moved over to FOX Sports to fulfull his other passion...sports!!

    A couple years ago he filled in as a guesthost on MSNBC. I remember watching him and wishing that he would come back to do the "news". I even sent an email to MSNBC to state that.

    In March of 2003 Keith replied to my email to thank me for the kind words and advise of his new "Countdown" show that started at the end of that month.

    Totally classy for him to respond and even better that the show is still on the air!!

    Great Job Keith and thanks to MSNBC for keepin the show on the air.
  • Best News Program EVER!

    When March 1, 2003 dawned, it brought with it the best, most informative, and all out funniest news program ever! Countdown with Keith Olberman. The show is The Fox Report with Sheperd Smith meets The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. To make the show even better the show's host, Keith Olberman, is a real life Kent Brockmen (news anchor man from "The Simpsons"). His funny but serious personality makes the program the best news show on t.v. The segments "Oddball" and "What Have We Learned?" are the other funny ingredients to the show's success. I hope this
    news program lasts many more years of bringing us great news coverage, because it is a true t.v. news classic.