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  • Season 3
    • Badguys
      Episode 22
      Jeremy Holifield, a journalist working for an Addington newspaper, tells Chelsea Little, a high-class escort, over a drink that he is about to break a story that will send shake the British establishment to the core and, in the process, level the reputation of a few very well placed citizens. Unknown to him or the escort, a British agent has placed video and audio bugs in his hotel room as he engages the escort in some kinky sexual activities. Alexander finds out from various press reports that one Chelsea Little is the prime suspect in the murder of Jeremy Holifield in New York the night before he was suppose to fly back to Paris to hand deliever his latest story, which includes illegal arms dealings by a son of one former British Prime Minister. It strikes both Alexander and Helene that this is too much of a coincidence and too convenient for those people. He therefore sends the team to New York after securing their welcome with the mayor to restore Jeremy's reputation and catch the actual murderer. Alexander shows the team the coincidence is compounded by the fact that too many newspaper reports depict the murder as scandalous in an attempt to tarnish and destroy a good man. But this time, Alexander, the team and the investigating officers may have taken on too much.moreless
    • Muerte
      Episode 21
      An assassin, suffering from a recurring nightmare involving people she had supposedly killed, and her two associates receive orders to kill Bill Kaskins, an industrialist, at a large reception. Unfortunately, Peter Sinclair and the Counterstrike team managed to catch the assassins before they could successfully hit their target, despite getting a couple of shots off and killing a security guard. Both of the associates died in the course of the assignment and only the primary assassin managed to elude capture. Alexander manages to find out that someone paid Muerte, a murder for hire organisation (and the Spanish word for death), to kill Kaskins and sends the team to track down the assassin and the people who hired Muerte. Unknown to Alexander or the team, at the same time, Muerte sends the same assassin with a contract on Peter Sinclair, Gabrielle Germount, Hector Stone and Kaskins as an opportunity to redeem herself for the loss of their two operatives. It does not take long before Peter and the team discovers that it is a race to save Bill Kaskins and their own lives as well as uncovering the culprit behind the attempt on Bill Kaskins.moreless
    • Peacemaker
      Episode 20
      After a supposed IRA bomb took the life of a Protestant revererd and prominent leader within the Northern Irish Unionist camp, Lord Eames, the Undersecretary for affairs in Northern Ireland, orders a team from the British Special Air Service to hijack Addington to London in hopes of convincing him and Sinclair to protect Oliver Montcalm, the new leader of the Unionist, and his family during his trip to North America for secret negotiations with the representatives of the IRA. This task is complicated by the resurfacing of supposedly dead two militant members of the Unionist camp in Toronto, whose modus operandi fits perfectly with the means by which the good revererd was killed.moreless
    • The Raw Truth
      The Raw Truth
      Episode 19
      Senator David Carmicheal dies in a car accident while on his way home after Monroe Park, a tabloid journalist and host of the television show 'The Raw Truth', implicates the Senator in Jenette Moore's fatal car accident on election night in 1978 after attending his victory party. Afterwards, Park does a piece on the Carmicheal accident implying his drinking problems resulting in his wreckless driving that night that caused the fatal accident killing the Senator. A furious Alexander Addington calls up the station chief demanding Park to retract his piece on Carmicheal's tragic death. With sky high ratings and dramatic increase in viewership weekly, the station chief refuses to pressure Park for a retraction or pull the plug without proof. As a result, Alexander orders Peter Sinclair and the team to clear Carmicheal's name and put Monroe Park out of business. Park decides to do an expose on Addington and the kidnapping of his wife upon hearing the news that Addington is after him. It is the job of the team to beat Park to the proverbial buzzer.moreless
    • The Contender
      The Contender
      Episode 18
      Jack Roy, a fight promotor, tries to convince Sugar Duke, JJ's younger brother and a raising star in the boxing world, to leave his long time trainer, Vinny, for him and his big money before a big fight. While JJ stops by to see his brother in training, he also meets Jack Roy for the first time and is not convinced that Jack Roy really has Sugar Duke's best interest at heart. After JJ drops Vinny home, a couple of assailants mug Vinny. JJ is convinced that Jack Roy is behind this attack and asks Peter and the team to help. Apparently, Jack Roy's gambling interest takes precedent and wants Sugar Duke to throw the fight. He even goes out of his way to make clear that Sugar Duke's girlfriend will take a beating if Sugar Duke fails to. Alexander agrees that the team should help JJ and even throws in some resources to back the scheme up.moreless
    • French Twist
      French Twist
      Episode 17
      Gabrielle attends a party in New York to celebrate the success of her friend, Quinton Jones, the artist. He tells her that his invitation is related to some information he has for her. The next day, Gabrielle wakes up in a daze to the knocking on her door. The police tells her at the station that Quinton Jones has been killed in an auto accident the previous night and believes she was the last person to see him alive. As a result, they want her to make a statement. Apparently, Gabrielle finds herself suffering from a total loss of memory of everything that happened after she got to the party. A rather desperate Gabrielle calls Alexander for help.moreless
    • The Hit
      The Hit
      Episode 16
      Trevor Winston returns with a new scheme to revenge the defeat Peter handed him the last time round. During a getaway weekend in upper New York state, Trevor hires two goons (Vince and Xavier) to kidnap Peter while Peter's date, Yvonne Strait, reports that Peter has gone missing in the nearby lake, Napawan. Alexander soon gets word of the reports of Peter's disappearance and tells Stone and Gabrielle the news of what he has only just learned. Stone and Gabrielle rush to the scene of the crime to investigate, where it seems like the local sheriff, Ray Jenkins, is more caught up with the beautiful Yvonne than he is with the case.moreless
    • Free to Kill
      Free to Kill
      Episode 15
      Dr. Sharon Rayne calls Alexander to inform him that Jack Morris has been murdered. Apparently, the burglar stabbed Jack thirteen times before fleeing without taking a single item. Dr. Rayne also tells Alexander that Jack was the third of the four members of the parole board that Alexander and Sharon once served on has been murdered and that Alexander is next. Alexander sends the team to investigate into these murders and protect Alexander as he plans to attends Jack's funeral.moreless
    • Clearcut
      Episode 14
      Ron Waters and Susan Kimberley, a couple of fun loving environmentalists, find a dead spotted owl crucified on a tree with a sign carrying a message to Alexander Addington as they spent a beautiful day in the great outdoors. Alexander receives an urgent call from the Governor Jim Donnely of Maine telling him that the truce Addington had negotiated between the environmentalists and loggers had just went up in flames in his election year. A rather desparate governor proposes to intervene if tensions gets worse, but Alexander promises to fix the problem he helped to create and calls Peter and the team to reactify the situation, and they head to the small town of Manlow to meet up with Sheriff Jack Kimberley. It quickly becomes apparent that the loggers were due to return to work the next day, but this action suggests to Peter and the team that whoever did this wanted to sabotage that very agreement or so it appears.moreless
    • Betrayed
      Episode 13
      A veteran assassin made an attempt on the life of Julia Devane, an old friend of Alexander, one evening after Julia had dinner with Alexander. Shortly afterwards, Alexander sends the team to protect Julia and investigate the attempt. Unknown to Alexander, Julia has plans to launch a hostile bid for Addington Publishing after Alexander refuses to sell. In the process of protecting Julia, she offers Peter the job of Vice President in her company. Alexander finds out that Peter may accept the position from Julia's lawyer, Sam Lever, who is in Paris to deliver the notice of intent to make a hostile takeover of Addington Publishing.moreless
    • Bosnian Connection
      Bosnian Connection
      Episode 12
      Bridgette, the former head of the environmental group Earth Now, is in Bosnia at the height of the Bosnian civil war investigating into the lost relief shipments of Firstline, a charity heavily supported by Alexander. At the time of her disappearance, Bridgette was caught in the crossfire of the warring factions as she tried to get the supplies moving from their city depo. Alexander receives a telegram from Bridgette informing him to expect a phone call from her within 48 hours, otherwise he should assume she had gone missing. The phone call never materialised and the press has began questioning the credibility of Firstline as a charity. Against this backdrop, Alexander sends Peter and Stone to Bosnia to find Bridgette and solve Firstline's supply problems, while Gabrielle flies to New York to disfuse the public relations crisis at Firstline main office.moreless
    • Cat in the Cradle
      Cat in the Cradle
      Episode 11
      Frank Percy's son Sam heads to a nightclub to collect an old debt that John McGill, one of his father's informants, had owed him. McGill has a business associate, Lou, attempted to arrange for Sam to die in an 'accident' after he leaves the club that night to hide some ghosts from Frank and John's collective pasts. Sam heads to see Stone, settling into his new home in Philadelphia, and tells him that McGill is trying to kill him and he needs help. After learning of the botched kill job, McGill puts out a contract on both Sam and his mother. Stone foils the second murder attempt on young Percy, and calls Peter for help.moreless
    • D.O.A.
      Episode 10
      A woman wearing dark sunglasses gunned down Peter Sinclair outside the courthouse, where a Libyan terrorist is due to be tried for the bombing of an airplane over Scotland. The dart that hit Peter contained a deadly concoction that will infect his bloodstream and nerve system resulting in his death within 24 hours. Stone tells Alexander that the trial of the Libyan terrorist and the gunning down of Sinclair is undoubtedly related. The team has to find the scientist and have him replicate the antidote before time runs out on Peter. Luckily, a young woman in the administration sector is able to point Stone and Gabrielle toward Dorit Yasmina, who is Dr. Stanley Ladner's research assistant.moreless
    • Cyborg
      Episode 9
      A Nobel winner genetic science researcher, Dr. Arno, and two security guards were brutally murdered at his secured lab inside the Krestline compound and his assistant, Moya, was gone. Alexander tells Peter that Krestline is a recent Addington acquisition and wants the team to find out who killed Dr. Arno and who took Moya. What soon becomes clear is that there is very little to go on and there is a lot more than what meets the eye.moreless
    • Death Seal
      Death Seal
      Episode 8
      Stone receives news that a military transport plane crashed in Newfoundland, Canada, carrying 50 soldiers and its crew including the elite US Navy SEAL Squad 7 from a training mission in the Middle East. A certain Colonel Jack Devon spoke to the press about the latest act of terror that claim more American lives. Immediately afterwards, Stone calls Peter to inform him that he will not be attending the SAS Advance Training session, instead he has flown over to Newfoundland to investigate and in the process dragged the whole team over.moreless
    • The Curse of the Amber Chamber
      After several accidents at the excavation site of the last known place where the Amber Chamber was buried, the workers stopped working until their safety can be guaranteed, prompting Russian president Boris Yeltsin to call Alexander for help. One of Alexander's companies, headed by Professor Natasha Kirov, has been hired to locate and recover the Amber Chamber, a gift from a German Kaiser to Czar Nicholas I of Russia, after the Nazi stole it towards the end of World War II. Alexander dismisses the idea of a curse and the rumors surrounding the Amber Chamber and sends the team to investigate and get the workers back to work.moreless
    • Skin Deep
      Skin Deep
      Episode 6
      The police informed a fashion designer that her beautiful star model was found dead. Apparently Suzanne, an important investor in the fashion house ran by the designer, went off to her Paris office to help with the numerous media requests and coverage. Alexander wants the team to investigate this murder to make sure that Suzanne had no part in this crime. Peter went to the police station to confer with Philippe. He discovered, to his shocking surprise, that the victim died from the removal of her heart. Philippe also told Peter that there were nerve toxin found in the victim's blood indicating that, despite the fact she was completely immobilised, she was very much aware of what was happening as the butcher took her heart out.moreless
    • No Honour Among Thieves
      A renowned American mobster, Morris Lampke, and his widowed half-sister, Anita Duvallier, arrive in Paris, apparently with a mob contract on his head before he can testify in front of the U.S. Senate Committee on Organized Crime. James Gottoro, his bodyguard and friend for over 30 years, is shot dead upon arriving in Paris and is brought out on the airport luggage conveyer belt. That leaves little doubt in the mind of his half-sister who that message is intended for. She goes to see Alexander for his help without her half-brother's knowledge or consent and reveals to Alexander that many years ago when Alexander needed some money, a fairly sizeable amount, the mobster put it together for Alexander. Alexander agrees to help Morris Lampke solely because of his sister.moreless
    • Bastille Day Terror
      A former KGB agent, Monica Steile, and her boyfriend, Gorki, smuggled a Soviet nuclear missile into Paris after killing two Russian border guards. Clark Reynolds, from the US State Department, flies to Paris to tell Alexander and the Counterstrike team what has transpired, reminding them that any premature leaks to the press would cause panic in the Western world. At the same time, Steile has no intention of selling the missile to her client, Jacques Baire, instead she kills him and her boyfriend, leaving their corpses at the scene of the supposed meeting. She and her lesbian girlfriend, Jessica, have other plans for the missile and the Counterstrike team now has to foil those plans after being caught behind the eight-ball.moreless
    • Til Death Do Us Part
      Ms. Previn hands a mysterious video to Alexander, which shows Chantal, his lost wife, holding a newspaper and a mysterious voice telling Alexander to await further instructions -- part of which include handing over one million dollars in American currency. Peter recognises the voice as belonging to one Trevor Winston, a criminal who was nabbed by Peter some years earlier. Despite all the inconsistencies and implausibilities, Alexander refuses to follow Peter's advice and sends the team to help bring Chantal back to his side, thereby becoming a willing participant of Winston's house of mirrors.moreless
    • The Sting
      The Sting
      Episode 2
      After attending the surprise party planned by Suzanne, Ms. Previn discovers that she had left something behind at the restaurant, Henri's. Upon arriving at the restaurant, Alexander discovers a few gangsters harassing his friend Henri. Henri pleads Alexander not to call the police and assures Alexander that this will not happen again. Alexander calls Peter and the team to his office to discuss the mob's presence in Paris with the police commissioner and to secure the permission of the Paris police before swinging into action. In that conversation, the police commissioner informs Alexander and the team that Mr. Rosi has smuggled the Purple Shirt gang from New York to do his dirty mob business in Paris. After the first run-in, the mob not only goes after Henri, but also his family and Alexander for interfering. Alexander soon learns that Mr. Rosi and his mobsters want to quietly convert Henri's restaurant into a base for his illicit drug operation. Peter and Alexander devises a plan to bring Mr. Rosi and his mob to justice.moreless
    • I Remember It Well
      Alexander's appraiser discovers the fake replicas of a priceless set of jewels because he arrived late due to the weather. Inspector Metti tells Alexander and Peter that he suspects that the burglar is none other than Nikki Beaumont because this heist has all her hallmark signature. The good inspector reminds Sinclair of their first case together involving six stolen Matisse paintings and gives him 48 hours to investigate. Unknown to anyone, a dangerous French gangster by the name of Godard hired an old pro, who is Nikki's father and mentor, to do the heist. The old pro, who was busted for the Matisse paintings, and his two masked burglars double crossed Godard by stealing the jewels a day early and fled Paris.moreless
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