Counterstrike - Season 1

CTV (ended 1993)


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  • The Dilemma
    The Dilemma
    Episode 22
    What started out as an assignment to assist the German authorities in cracking down the numerous bank robberies of East German banks by Western professionals following the reunification of the country turned out to be an attempt to bring an end a high level IRA (Irish Republican Army) operation. Apparently, before the collapse of the Berlin Wall, the East German government gave refuge to some fairly notorious IRA figures. While in Detroit, Peter spent a very rough night in a warehouse held captive by top level anti-terror operatives who told him that this would be his and Alexander's only warning and that Addington has gotten too deep and way over his head. Peter heeded the warning and decided to pull out after an ex-parti meeting with a top-level Home Office official who had the permission of the Foreign Secretary to discuss Cabinet level information. Peter had a very ugly conversation with a very emotional Alexander after Addington found out that some of the characters were connected to the kidnapping of his wife, Chantel. Peter called quits after Alexander failed to heed his warnings, but Luke and Nikki decided to proceed with the mission. Sadly, Peter was right and he had to come to the rescue after receiving a call from the Home Office informing him that Luke's cover was blown and that he was as good as dead. This led to a re-evaluation of the nature of the Counterstrike team.moreless
  • The Millerton Papers
    After successfully completed a mission for Alexander, Jason Denver, Nikki's old friend, surprises her in the bathroom of her hotel suite with the loot of a heist, that Nikki's father is suppose to fence. She tells him that the loot must be returned the next day and asks Alexander to give her a couple of days to take care of some personal business in Cleveland. Unknown to anyone at the time, the loot stolen by Jason includes plans for some new weapon systems that are coming into service and someone wants them. Unfortunately, as a result, returning the heist would be more difficult than Nikki first thought. Peter and Luke delay their return to Paris from Cleveland on the suspicion that Nikki might be in more trouble than she can handle.moreless
  • Verathion
    Episode 20
    A very desperate Suzanne calls her father from Union Station in Toronto after her suppose date to the Award Ceremony for the Toronto Film Festival, Tommy, who changed her plans at the last minute is killed just moments after the rendez-vous. In a panic, Alexander calls Nikki in the wee hours of the night after trying without success to reach Peter in Chicago on his mobile phone, which he had turned off earlier. Apparently, those who killed Tommy has now kidnapped Suzanne and are willing to release her in return for a briefcase containing very sensitive documents concerning a miracle drug, which Tommy's company is developing. The team soon realises that Tommy was killed because he knew too much and Suzanne will remain safe so long as those documents remains undisclosed. Unfortunately, the team has to find the briefcase first before they can bargain for Suzy's safe return.moreless
  • Cinema Verité
    Cinema Verité
    Episode 19
    News reports claims that Marlowe, a mystery novel writer and an Olympic-class swimmer in the backstroke, accidentally drowns while fly-fishing in Lake Ontario in the middle of winter. A man known to write dangerously and live just as dangerously would drown accidentally seems unlikely to say the least. Alexander smells a rat and sends the Counterstrike team to investigate.moreless
  • Regal Connection
    Regal Connection
    Episode 18
    After debugging the computer at the Addington townhouse in New York, a group of Africans kidnapped Professor Robert Williams outside his home. Suzanne sends Peter Sinclair to see Mrs. Yvonne Williams after she called twice, telling Suzanne that her husband has not come back. After receiving a phone call from the kidnappers, he calls Luke and Nikki to New York to assist in finding Prof. Williams. Unknown to anyone initially, there are two factions viving for power in an African tribe because the monarch died from poisoning. The Counterstrike team has to figure what is going on and find Robert before he gets hurt.moreless
  • Mindbender
    Episode 17
    A hard line Russian Army officer reviews the profiles of several former servicemen and selects Luke Brenner for a very special operation. Unknown to Luke, the lady he is flirting with drugs his drink before Luke is flown out to the Bahamas to be brainwashed and conditioned. The next day, Nikki and a very frustrated Peter wait for Luke to make an appearance for their return flight to Paris, but Luke fails shows up. At this time, Alexander calls them with orders to prepare his New York townhouse for Suzanne, who will be attending Columbia. Luke suddenly appears at the Addington townhouse, but his strange behaviour stirs suspicion that something wrong is going on. This sets them on the trail of the Russian major and her assassination plot.moreless
  • Masks
    Episode 16
    A former associate of Alexander, Amanda, plans to insert an impostor of him at a conference in order to sabotage an agreement to ban the production of chemicals that can be used to manufacture chemicals weapons, which Alexander has been working on for the past two years. Apparently, Amanda is also involved in the assassination of George, a Greek legislator and an ardent supporter of this agreement. Unknown to the assassin and his associates, a young gypsy witnessed the murder and has stole away on a freighter to New York, where the conference is taking place. Alexander wants the team to go to New York and find this witness for the authorities to transport him back to Greece, where another friend of Alexander is prepared to guarantee his safety while the local police questions him.moreless
  • Cry of the Children
    Cry of the Children
    Episode 15
    Luke's old girlfriend, Zoe, gets involved with a child smuggling ring by the time she is in Paris. She takes the child to tell Luke that the infant girl, Gaby, is Luke's daughter. As a result, Luke goes to Addington to ask for some time off to deal with his personally problems. Alexander suspects that Luke is probably in much deeper trouble than he knows and his instincts proves to be right. Alexander tells Peter and Nikki to go to New York with Luke on some false pretext.moreless
  • The Beginning
    The Beginning
    Episode 14
    A terrorist group intercepts Addington's car en route to a party and kidnaps Chantel Addington. The Toronto police quickly sets up office at the Addington Toronto townhouse to track and monitor any ransom demand phone calls that might come in. When Peter Sinclair shows up at the Addington residence, Alexander has evidently telephoned the British Home Secretary asking for Scotland Yard's best agent in anti-terrorism. As expected, the terrorists did telephone Alexander at his residence with a ransom demand for weapons to be air-dropped into Angola. The police tracks the call to a rural farmhouse and plans a hostage rescue mission. After the botched raid that killed a couple of terrorists, it becomes apparent that this may be another cold case as the police packs up their gear at the Addington townhouse. While Alexander and Peter contemplate on future actions against the terrorists, Alexander proposes that Peter leaves Scotland Yard temporarily and assemble a private task force to hunt down Kreuger and rescue his wife.moreless
  • Escape Route
    Escape Route
    Episode 13
    In an attempt to divert the police from an impending jail break, the mastermind of an extinct terrorist organisation and the brother of the prisoner nominally resurrect and reinstitute the terrorist group opposed to globalisation and capitalism. The group threatens to kill one important industrialist everyday that the prisoner remains behind bars. As the one of the most important industrial leader, Alexander becomes a target and summons Sinclair to Paris to end the threat.moreless
  • Siege
    Episode 12
    While Alexander exchanged light banter with PM Haddad, a terrorist group by the name of October Justice disrupted a conference between top industrialists of the world and leaders of the developing world in Normandy by storming the relatively lightly guarded chateau in which the spouses of the delegates were staying and taking them hostage. The terrorists announced to the world the events that just took place on all external communications of the chateau. In their second communique, the terrorists made clear that they want PM Haddad handed to them unconditionally.moreless
  • Thanos
    Episode 11
    In a failed attempt by Nikki's friend to leave her husband, an arms dealer, with her two daughters during the family trip to Paris, the daughters have been separated from their parents and are held by a colleague of her husband who is also a conspirator and plotter against the government of his native country. Nicole approaches Alexander for help; only to discover that Alexander is interested in putting this arms dealer out of business. She finds out that the arms dealer is in the process of acquiring Thanos, a missile targeting system for NATO in final development, and has political aspirations of his own. It is up to the Counterstrike team to get the daughters and put him out of business once and for all.moreless
  • Extreme Measures
    Extreme Measures
    Episode 10
    On a visit to his friend's vineyard, Peter Sinclair heard shots being exchanged in the cellar. Apparently someone tried to kill his friend, Jean-Paul Grenier. Grenier confides in Sinclair and Addington that seven other former members of Alpha Titan, a covert group that once operated in West Africa, have been murdered in the past 18 months and that their deaths have went unsolved after Alexander reveals to him that he was a former member of the group. The obvious question is why after more than a quarter of a century since this covert group disbanded is the assassin killing his former comrades. In order to protect Grenier's life and other living members, Peter and the Counterstrike team needs to separate the targets from the assassin and then "kill" them. Thereby making the assassin a target also.moreless
  • Knights of Aram
    Knights of Aram
    Episode 9
    Alexander's old friend appears to have committed suicide within hours of requesting an urgent face-to-face.
  • The Lady of the Rhine
    Helmut Voegler is an ambitious young journalist specialising in horticulture, but when he gets in over his head in Rotterdam, a mysterious older gentleman makes certain that Voegler doesn't make his deadline. Alexander contacts his editor, Lorraine Sydberg, wondering where the third in a serious of articles on tulips is, prompting Sydberg to head to the Netherlands looking for the reporter, with whom she also shares a personal relationship. Convinced that there must be more than meets the eye to the situation for an editor to hop on a cross-country flight, Alexander sends his team in so that they can look into Voegler's disappearance and asks Suzanne to do some digging into the young man's vanishing act.moreless
  • Son with a Gun
    Son with a Gun
    Episode 7
    A desperate Count Biondino calls Alexander for help after his son is arrested on murder charges.
  • A Little Purity
    A Little Purity
    Episode 6
    An environmental group holds a protest rally outside a factory of a polluting chemical company where a terrorist bomb exploded and the group's slogan was at the scene of the crime.
  • Power Play
    Power Play
    Episode 5
    Pres. Pauai of Mahal is framed for the murder of an American blonde after he unknowingly drank the drugged champagne and slept with her that very night.
  • Art for Art's Sake
    Art for Art's Sake
    Episode 4
    While Lord Charles Sutcliffe is attempting to return the Drahova triptych, an ancient Christian depiction of the Madonna, to Milos Jansan, the prime minister of Drahova, four masked gunmen show up to steal the item after deactivating the security protocols. Milos calls Alexander, an old friend, who takes the first flight to London after being stonewalled by the British Home Secretary. Peter, Nikki and Luke also head to London where each uses their contacts to attempt to locate the triptych. Nikki and Luke are able to find the men who stole the triptych and the man who was involved in replicating it, but Peter hits a brick wall with an old associate, Inspector Luther, who is determined to believe that Milos is guilty.moreless
  • Now and at the Hour of Our Death
    As the military junta of the South American republic of San Pedro prepares for their first democratic election in decades, an aide to the President informs Father Vera, a Catholic priest who founded a key opposition, that the clergy was on the President's hit list and would be dead before the election and provides him with enough information to throw the junta out of power if the priest could present the information to the U.N. Committee on Latin American Affairs due to convene the day before the election, covered by the world press. An emergency call from a Cardinal in the Vatican reaches Alexander asking him to help protect Father Vera during his stay in Boston before he goes before the U.N. committee and elude a death squad sent by the President.moreless
  • Dead in the Air
    Dead in the Air
    Episode 2
    Hours before the naming of a special prosecutor whose job will be to go to Colombia to indict and extradite a certain Colombian drug baron to the United States, an Addington contact at the U.S. Justice Department informs Alexander that a small-time drug importer in Washington, D.C., plans to take down the prosecutor to curry favor with the Colombian drug baron. It is the job of the Counterstrike team to find out what is in store for the prosecutor and foil those plans. Sinclair also throws in a bonus by way of shutting down the disco establishment owned by the drug importer.moreless
  • Dealbreaker
    Episode 1
    After Annie Morley, a former love of Sinclair's, is kidnapped when her husband Eric reneges on a deal he made with a former C.I.A. colleague regarding triggers for sleeper bombs, Alexander's source at the U.N. clues him in to what is happening because of the potential terrorist angle. With the police out of the loop, Alexander sends his team in to stop the deal from taking place and to hopefully save Annie's life.moreless