Counterstrike - Season 2

CTV (ended 1993)


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  • The Circus Ring
    The Circus Ring
    Episode 22
    After a policeman on a motorcycle witnesses the dangerous driving by the driver of a blue van, he gives chase in hopes of stopping the van before greater mishap occurred. Unfortunately, the driver drives the van off the road and into a Paris river. After recovering the van, the shocked bystanders and reporters discover that three missing children in the back of the van died from drowning. Alexander discovers that one of the dead missing children is the daughter of James, a colleague of Alexander and a senior Addington executive, who requests a leave of absence to avenge the death of his daughter and prevent further similar incidents from happening to other parents of missing children. Alexander promises James that he will help and sends the team to investigate. Apparently, the three dead missing children were to be delivered to some unsavory third party, and now, the kidnappers of those children have to find replacements as they have already accepted payment. Peter Sinclair and the team will have their opportunity to catch the kidnappers in the act.moreless
  • Trigger Finger
    Trigger Finger
    Episode 21
    Alexander finds out from his old friend, Yuri Kechnof, that the attack on a French prison bus resulting in the escape of Pechnoff and five other convicts has direct implications on the life of President Burbullis on the eve of her visit to Paris. Although, in theory, the President is responsible for the nuclear weapons in her country, the Russians are still very much in charge of their security, which has been the main concern for the West, especially the highly moblie tactical nuclear weapons, even before the collapse of the Soviet Union. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the President has a few enemies internally and externally with interests in crushing the budding democratic roots taking hold in Moldova; the threat to her life becomes very real. And to those people, Pechnoff, a rightful heir to the throne, is just a mere figurehead for their cause. As a result, Alexander has made the team available to Yuri, the Charge d'affairs at the Modovian embassy, for the 24-hour visit of the President.moreless
  • Ripped from the Grave
    Gabrielle meets her journalist friend, Stephan, at a reception for the new ambassador at the Romanian Embassy in Paris. Gabrielle calls Alexander from the police station the following morning after she learns that her date, Stephan, has been murdered in a manner similar to that of Jack the Ripper's fourth victim. Although Peter Sinclair is convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that a copycat is on the loose, Philippe remains very skeptical that this is a mere coincidence. This sends Peter jetting across the Continent searching for the first three victims of this copycat killer. Alexander delays the team's next assignment until this has been cleaned up.moreless
  • La Belle Dame Monique
    Monique Lamer, an Europol agent, has barely met an informant with information concerning a case involving the counterfeiting of the new single European currency, the Euro, before someone guns him down. Monique goes to see Stone after she barely escapes from the rendez-vous with her life and the briefcase the wounded informant gave her. She shows Stone the counterfeit of the new currency and asks him to take her to Addington, the only member of the committee who can be trusted with this very sensitive information. Monique threatens to go public with her information causing a Continent-wide financial scandal if Alexander does not help. Alexander has but one choice and calls Peter Sinclair to fix the problem.moreless
  • Dead Heat
    Dead Heat
    Episode 18
    An unknown assailant murders an Arab guest of a charity event for animal rights organised by Ms. Previn at a public telephone booth at Charles de Gaulle Airport. The assailant successfully penetrates the tight security at the charity event by posing as the murdered Arab guest before anyone realises what had happened. Alexander not only agrees to finance this charity event, but also invites two Middle Eastern adversaries to the event. Peter suddenly receives word that Philippe from the police is at the front door making inquires into the security precautions surrounding Mr. Addington's little charity event; only to discover that the assailant, who is better known as The Fisherman, has killed one of the Arab guests and penetrated into the charity event with the intention of killing someone even more important. This sends the team scrambling for answers before The Fisherman strikes again.moreless
  • Cherchez la Femme
    Cherchez la Femme
    Episode 17
    During a morning swim, Noelle Bonnier suddenly engages Peter in a 50-meter race. Afterwards, he begins seeing the lady, who stands accused of murdering her husband and stealing the jewels. Unknown to Peter, an American insurance investigator and bounty hunter, Dexter, is in Paris tracking her down and the stolen jewels. At the same time, an outraged Alexander wants a rather distracted Sinclair and the team to investigate into what is going on at his Geneva bank after receiving an outrageous phone call. Apparently, auditors has focused on a few numbered accounts, which has seen large sums of money being transfered to relatively small and obscure holding companies around the world. Bank examiners are convinced that something illegal is going on, possibly the bank is involved in money laundrying or a bank employee is embezzling the bank and trying to cover his tracks.moreless
  • Behind Bars
    Behind Bars
    Episode 16
    Gabrielle goes on an archaeological trip with a few of her classmates and Dr. Hans Klein. Unfortunately, Turkish customs find a couple of historic coins in her purse as she clears customs and passport control to leave Turkey. As a result, Turkish authorities detained her on suspicion of smuggling. Alexander find out from J.J., his pilot, that Gabrielle has not only failed to arrive in Munich with her expected flight, but is not on any scheduled flights from Turkey to Munich. Alarm bells ring in Addington's office as he alerts Sinclair and Stone has to what has happened to Gabrielle, who is devastated to realise that her friend, Helga, has betrayed her.moreless
  • The Three Tramps
    The Three Tramps
    Episode 15
    Gabrielle receives a package containing documents relating to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy from a her source Lenny in Pennsylvania, who was killed within the hour of sending the package. She brings the entire package to Alexander in hopes of convincing him that it is worth a two-week fishing expedition in Pennsylvania. After government officials track the package to Gabrielle, two of them ransack her apartment as she meets with Alexander. During the ensuing struggle, Sinclair and Stone arrive to tell her that Alexander has denied her request, instead find themselves coming to rescue Gabrielle from her attackers. Alexander believes that the ransacking of Gabrielle's home is directly related to the package she received earlier and send the team to Pennsylvania to investigate Buddy Lightstone, and, if possible, clean up this historic mystery.moreless
  • Prize Package
    Prize Package
    Episode 14
    Clark Reynolds, the US Deputy Secretary of State, calls Alexander looking for his assistance once again after a U.S. agent lost the package he was guarding to an Iraqi hit squad in Toronto. After securing Alexander's assistance, a team from the U.S. embassy goes to see Alexander and Peter and tells them that Mrs. Ashti Tabis, a prominent member of the Iraqi opposition and widow of the late mastermind of Iraq'a nuclear weapons program, is the package that was lost by Halloway. Peter and the team rush to Toronto to assist Halloway in the recovery, but discover there is much more than what meets the eye.moreless
  • Village of the Damned
    An angry Dr. Joseph Severn, a biologist in charge of a World Food Organisation project in Ontario, transmits a message resembling that of an insane man after he discovers a crate of liquid pesticide in a warehouse on his experimental farm, which Alexander Addington helped to fund. After Alexander adjourns a business meeting, Bennett informs Addington of the tape and its contents, which, after listening to it, prompts Alexander to send the team to the experimental farm to investigate. What they discover is something far more sinister, leading them to investigate a man named Schteiler.moreless
  • In the Blood
    In the Blood
    Episode 12
    Stash Janich, an old friend of Alexander's, sends his daughter, Carmilla, raising tennis sensation and Alexander's goddaughter, to a excellent tennis coach and a family friend after her old coach, Charlie Trevin, is stabbed after a tennis match, which Carmilla has just won. Alexander sends Stone and Sinclair to Yugoslavia with Stash in the event that a death threat should actually be realised. At the same time, Gabrielle accompanies Cramilla to her new tennis training campus ran by Vladislav Ademski. During her stay, she discovers something very strange is going on and drags Sinclair and Stone back to New York once everything in Yugoslavia has been wrapped up. In the process of the investigation into Vlad, the team discovers that Vlad is involved in blood doping.moreless
  • Fire in the Streets
    Fire in the Streets
    Episode 11
    On a visit to New York to meet with city officials over his low-income house project, NOVA, the deputy mayor asks Alexander whether he would be gracious enough to be photographed at the site of this project with him. While at the site, Alan Clayton, a local social activist, invites them to tour the condemned building and see the lifestyle of the homeless. The situation turns ugly after the photographer calls the police accusing Clayton to taking Addington and the deputy mayor hostage. The Counterstrike learns of this from a news report and rushes to the scene.moreless
  • Night of the Black Moon
    After signing a defence contract with Alexander and Raymond Cromwell, Canadian Minister of National Defence, Charles Hope receives a phone call informing him that his only child has been kidnapped by Lok, someone Hope has formed a brotherhood with many years ago in darkness. Lok's only interested is in the technology that is being used to build Canada's newest missile interception system. Hope privately tells Alexander that he must withdraw from the project, and an alarmed Cromwell, who overhead the conversation, asks Alexander for advise as to how to handle this situation. He also tells Alexander that, without this project starting on time, he will loose his seat in the next Federal general election. Alexander calms him down with promises to look into it and tells Raymond to keep this story out of the press until some other time.moreless
  • Survival Instinct
    Survival Instinct
    Episode 9
    A US undercover agent is killed while investigating a suspected terrorist camp in New England operating under the pretense of a training facility for security personnel. Clark suspects that the agent's cover was blown by a leak from the US government and approaches Alexander for help. To make the request somewhat outrageous, he asked whether he could borrow the services of Hector Stone. Ultimately, Addington decides that the situation warrants the sending of the Counterstrike team.moreless
  • Going Home
    Going Home
    Episode 8
    Alexander decides that the first of his many NOVA project will be in Philadephia. The NOVA project will be clean of any mob involvement and, more importantly, provide affordable housing for low income families. The NOVA project in Philadephia runs through Stone's old neighbourhood. Trouble begins with the unions being dissatisfy with the contract and rampages the on-site construction office. Alexander sends the team to sort out the mess and put NOVA back on track. After receiving news of what had transpired, Stone tells Peter and Gabrielle that, in that part of town, the mob runs the unions and in turn the unions control the workers. The mob expects kickbacks and bribes and Alexander will never agree to such an arrangement come what may.moreless
  • Breaking Point
    Breaking Point
    Episode 7
    Stone takes off to Toronto to see Frank Percy, a long time friend and CIA operative, after receiving an urgent distress call from him. Once in Toronto, Stone goes straight to Frank's office only to find him dead from a gunshot. The police arrives in short order only to find Stone hanging over a corpse with a drawn gun. While the Toronto lawyers at Addington Group arrange for Stone to be released on bail, Peter and Gabrielle fly out to help; only to find out that Stone has stumbled into a high level covert CIA operation.moreless
  • Native Warriors
    Native Warriors
    Episode 6
    Alexander learns from various news reports that a young Native American Indian by the name of Hawk accuses Alchemicals of poisoning the land and water of the reservation in an attempt to kill the Native Indians. To make matters worse, Hawk has detained a US Senator investigating these charges against his will and charged him with murder. As a result, both Washington and Ottawa has deployed armed federal law enforcement personnel on their own side of the border to effectively surround the reservation until the Senator's release. Alexander's old Native Indian friend stops in Paris to see Alexander and ask for his help to avoid a possible bloodbath due to the sheer number of official agencies involved in this crisis. Alexander introduces him to Peter Sinclair so that the two men could confer as to how to diffuse the crisis. Once again, Peter Sinclair and the team discovers there is much more than what meets the eye.moreless
  • Hide and Seek
    Hide and Seek
    Episode 5
    Detective Larry Larwin calls Peter in the middle of the night about the murder of Mike Montog, a US police detective working on a counterfeiting and murder operation, and his entire family in their car by a bomb. At Montog's funeral, Peter learns that the murderer, Rik Allen, had evaded police surveillance earlier that morning and a person matching his description was in seen around the Montog neighbourhood around the time of the explosion. More importantly, Allen has escaped to Brazil, a country that the US does not have an extradition treaty with. Peter now wants to dash out to Brazil on a personal vendetta to catch Allan and bring him back to Chicago for trial, but Alexander wants him to take the team to go to Brazil and dig out some concrete evidence that could be presented to the UN Commission on Extradition.moreless
  • It's All in the Game
    After Dr. Kistler calls Alexander about his successful discovery of the formula for cold fusion, someone abducts Kistler and steals all his papers. Alexander finds out in a phone call from the Dean Lawrence Cartwright at City University that the good professor is missing along with most of his papers and that campus security will look into it. Alexander also wants Peter and the team to investigate this matter.moreless
  • Fall from Grace
    Fall from Grace
    Episode 3
    On a visit to Washington, Senator Fisk, former chief counsel for the Addington Group, tells Alexander that new documents concerning Panama, namely the private files of General Manuel Noriega, former Panamanian dictator; that can bring down another US administration has just surfaced. Frisk says that he wants to pursue an independent investigation into all this because of his disgust with the sheer amount of cover-ups that this administration has undertaken. Hector Stone, whose job was to get those documents and deliver it to a Senate committee, believes that he has been double crossed by his Panamanian contact, who intends to sell those documents to the highest bidder, but no one from the US can help Stone. As a result, Frisk approaches Alexander for help.moreless
  • Hidden Assets
    Hidden Assets
    Episode 2
    The panicky publisher of a very controversial book calls Alexander informing him that the author in question has received death threats from various corners. He also mentions that he cannot afford to have anything go wrong now as the author is writing the last chapter of the book. Sinclair learns that the so-called safe house of the publisher is not so secretive given the number of people know about it. Peter agrees that he and his freelance associates will guard the author and ensure his whereabouts remains a secret. Unfortunately, a journalist complicates the matter and further exposes the intended victim to more risks.moreless
  • Tie a Yellow Ribbon
    The conclusion to season finale 'Dilemma' deals with the fallout and the resulting consequences. Senior IRA figures quickly realise that Luke Brenner and all his known associate, namely Peter Sinclair, are involved in the death of one of their most significant members and, as such, revenge becomes their overriding priority. Harvey Went, Peter Sinclair's mentor at Scotland Yard, tells Alexander that he is Paris and wants a face-to-face meeting to discuss the imminent danger Alexander has placed Peter Sinclair and Luke Brenner in. It quickly becomes obvious to Alexander that both Peter and Luke are the next target of the IRA.moreless