Coupling (US)

NBC (ended 2003)




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • The Man With Two Legs
      This episode was never filmed, as the show had been canned, but the script was written. Below is the episode description, which is based on the British version's episode of the same name.

      Jeff has found the woman of his dreams on the train - only he has never even seen her face. However, one morning she comes and sits opposite him, and the two begin to talk. The woman has a visible interest in Jeff, but in a typical Jeff moment he has said something that he cannot take back. What is it that he said that even Jeff labelled it "the worst yet?"moreless
    • Holiday (a.k.a. Thanksgiving)
      For Christmas, Patrick's sympathy plea over how he's got no one to spend the holiday with makes Sally and Jane want to spend it with him. Meanwhile, Jeff thinks he's found true love in a hot bartender by the name of Molly, but little does he know what she has in store for him. And Susan wants to take the next step with Steve and meet the folks -- to his chagrin.moreless
    • Object Lessons
      Object Lessons
      Episode 9
      Susan has it out with Steve for failing to pick up some of his belongings from Jane's apartment -- months after their breakup. And when a bevy of chiseled firemen invade the gang's bar, Jeff decides to prove to Patrick that women don't notice him by showing the gals drooling over the firefighters his juggling and chair-balancing talents.moreless
    • Dressed
      Episode 8
      Jane has a date, but is undecided as to what she should wear, so she consults Susan, Sally and Patrick, who just happened to be there with the girls at the time, over the matter. She has narrowed her selection down to two, but, to all of their confusion, she finally decides upon option three. What is it about this option which will land her in quite a pickle.

      Meanwhile, Patrick needs a pretend wife to flaunt over his friend. Will he choose Sally or Susan? And what exactly is going on between Jeff and Susan?moreless
    • Nipple Effect
      Nipple Effect
      Episode 7
      Patrick wants to break up with his date, because she is too hard on his nipples. Sally seeks to uncover the mystery of why her date is insistent on her not wearing makeup. Steve and Susan decide to start things anew by hooking up as if it were for the very first time. And Jane picks a bad time to chat up her co-worker.moreless
    • A Foreign Affair
      A Foreign Affair
      Episode 6

      Jeff falls for a girl, only to make a complete fool of himself in front of her, as per usual Jeff standards. However, his luck appears to be on the rise when he learns that she does not speak a word of English. The two attempt to communicate unsuccessfully, until her interpreter arrives, but only to take her home.

      The next night, the foreign girl is back in the bar, and Jeff tries to hold a conversation with her, but misunderstandings lead their conversation in a completely different direction when she believes Jeff is interested in her interpreter, while what Jeff believes to be her name, is in fact something completely different.

    • Present Tense
      Present Tense
      Episode 5
      Since he isn't Jewish, Steve is lost when Susan invites him over for Yom Kippur leftovers, and asks Patrick and Jeff whether or not you're supposed to give presents on that holiday -- which leads to a misunderstanding with Sally, who was eavesdropping. Meanwhile, Jane decides to take up charity work to prove to the others that she's a giving person.moreless
    • Check/Mate
      Episode 4
      Steve and Susan worry about the future of their relationship when they lie to each other, and he lets her pick up a check. Meanwhile, Patrick attempts to find a car that he looks cool in. And Jane feels her new stalker isn't putting in enough effort.
    • Sex, Death & Nudity
      Jane rings Steve to inform that her aunt has passed away and that she expects him to go the funeral. However, Jane hasn't yet informed her family that she and Steve are no longer together, and doesn't want to upset her family anymore, and hopes that Steve will attend the funeral as her boyfriend. Susan is not happy with the arrangement and demands that she too will go to the funeral. However, Susan has contacted Patrick, wanting him to go as her 'date' as Steve will be pretending to be Jane's date. Sally, whose feeling for Patrick are growing, hears of this development and she too chooses to go to the funeral to keep Patrick away from Susan. Jeff, feeling left out, and being the only one besides Steve to have actually known the aunt, also chooses to attend.

      Jeff has an approaching job interview that he is worried about in case he makes a fool of himself, as he usually does. He fears that the Giggle Loop will raise its ugly head. He informs Patrick and Steve as to what this means. At the funeral, all three of them are trying to fight back the urge of the Giggle Loop. How will it all end?moreless
    • Size Matters
      Size Matters
      Episode 2
      After the farce that was their first date, Susan decides to invite Steve around for dinner, to only realise after doing so, that she can't really cook. Steve is nervous about this date, believing that as Susan invited him around to her place, she may be wanting something extra that night, but also worries that it may just be him thinking that and she just simply wants dinner. He then approaches Jeff and Patrick about his quandry, before finally going to Susan herself for a startling response.

      Meanwhile, after being initially pleased with turning Patrick down, Sally begins to have second thoughts after hearing how well endowed he was, and so she asks Jeff to find out just how large his package really is.moreless
    • The Right One
      The Right One
      Episode 1
      It's lust at first sight for Steve when he is reintroduced to his best friend, Jeff's, co-worker, Susan, smack dab in the midst of trying to tear one off with his bisexual, threesome-loving girlfriend, Jane, whom he intended to dump before she played those two cards.

      Steve decides to finally break it off with Jane and to go out with Susan, only he leaves the breaking up part until the night of his first date with Susan, and Susan arrives before Jane does. Before long they are joined by Steve's best friend Jeff, Susan's best Friend Sally, and Susan's ex Patrick. Between them they have a lot of baggage, but will they ever work anything out?moreless
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