Coupling (US)

Season 1 Episode 7

Nipple Effect

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Unknown on NBC
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Nipple Effect
Patrick wants to break up with his date, because she is too hard on his nipples. Sally seeks to uncover the mystery of why her date is insistent on her not wearing makeup. Steve and Susan decide to start things anew by hooking up as if it were for the very first time. And Jane picks a bad time to chat up her co-worker.moreless

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    Brad Raider

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    Gina Bellman

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      • Jane: I like talking during sex. I actually find the sound of my own voice quite erotic. Ooh.

      • Patrick: Well, guys, I ended with Brenda.
        Susan: I thought you were going to talk to her?
        Patrick: I did and at first it went fine but than the worst thing happened.
        Jeff: You got a woody during a wrestling match?

      • Patrick: Okay, nobody touch my nipples.
        Jeff: Oh my god, now that's all I want to do.

      • Patrick: It's Brenda. The girl I met at the club last weekend. She's insanely hot, but my God, she's all over my nipples. It's like nursing an angry rat.
        Sally: Now you know how we feel. Just because they resemble knobs doesn't mean they're for twisting.

      • Sally: Thad and I are going out again tonight. I don't want to jinx things, but I think it's going really well. He's an environmental lawyer, which means his values are in order, but not in a way that makes him poor.

      • Jane: How do you know that? Have you been reading my diary?!
        Steve: No.
        Jane: Good! Because it's personal. It's between me and the people who subscribe to my website.

      • Jane: Somebody talked. I bet it was the gossip reporter. I never should have opened up to him.

      • Sally: Wow. I think that's the first time I kissed anyone without lipstick. It's like you can really feel the lips.

      • Sally: 'Cause I found something out about him.
        Jane: He's married.
        Sally: No.
        Susan: He's an ex-con?
        Sally: No.
        Jane: He only has one ball!
        Sally: No!
        Susan: He has an extra ball?!

      • Sally: He's the worst kind of man there is. A serial deglamorizer.

      • Susan: Oh my God. What were they pictures of?
        Sally: Ex-girlfriends... By Christmas, Amanda had gone straight to hell.
        Jane: So what happened to Amanda?
        Sally: She was dumped, for the beautiful Monique -- who, six weeks later, took a one-way trip to Frumpytown.

      • Jane: I do not believe this. I've been trying to iron things out all day with Connie. You know, the weather girl. But every time I try to talk to her, she has some lame excuse why she can't. I'm sorry, but there is not weather 24 hours a day.

      • Susan: Hello, Hector. I'm Francesca.
        Steve: Ooh. So, uh, can I buy you a drink?
        Susan: Thanks, but I already have one.
        Steve: Oh. Uh, can I sit here?
        Susan: Actually, I'm not really looking for company right now.

      • Big Danny: Hey, look, I'll believe she's fine when she tells me she's fine.
        Susan: Oh, no. I appreciate tha--
        Steve: She's fine.
        Big Danny: Maybe you don't understand the concept I just put forth.
        Susan: Uh, you know what? This is getting a little out of hand--
        Steve: No, Susan, Susan, sit down. I got it.
        Big Danny: You don't tell her what to do! And her name's Francesca!

      • Sally: Don't you miss it? Feeling beautiful?
        Amanda: What is beauty really, anyway?
        Sally: Well, it's funny you should ask, 'cause I have it right here in this bag. How do you feel about a five-minute makeover? ... Please don't make me use force.

      • Sally: Oh, Thad, there are a lot of women out there who are so beautiful on the inside that the outside doesn't matter. I'm not one of them.

      • Patrick: So the minute I stopped trying to please her, all my moves come back to me. I'm telling ya. It's simple, really. All you have to do to be a great lover is please yourself.
        Jeff: Then I am the greatest lover of all time.

    • NOTES (3)

      • Gina Bellman (Jane from the original series) appears as an extra -- a little in-joke for the fans. Look closely at the first scene of Act 2. When Jane goes over to Steve and Susan to talk about how she tried to work things out with Connie, that's Bellman walking past the bar in the background.

      • Maisha Dyson has no lines in the final cut.

      • The Patrick-in-the-fighter-jet scene was also shot with him saying, "I can't fly this vagina!," instead of "I can't fly this woman!" We'll give you three guesses why the first take didn't (excuse the pun) fly.

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