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  • The US version of the Coupling...

    Watching this version of my beloved series just made me sick. The choice of actors were so wrong and the plot wasn`t as funny as the ancestor. Why? I mean why couldn`t you just let it go, be the way it were? The English miracle in US hands sucked. Sad but true. My advise? If you`re accidentally exposed to this series, find the DVDs or download the original Coupling and watch them. That`s the only cure. Trust me! It`s bad. It`s really bad. The only reason I`m reviewing this show is to prevent the Coupling lovers to wacth this, if they hadn`t already.
  • I never laughed so friggen hard. I would love to get these shows on DVD. Anybody know where to find them?

    This show was what it was. It certainly contained great adult humor and everyones is different.
    It was so sad to see it cut short but enjoyed it thoroughly while it was on. Anybody know how one would get there hands on DVD's or VHS of the whole series and could pass this info on to me, it would be greatly appreciated. I've serached You Tube and they only offer short clips and most of it is from the BBC, which isn't that bad either. Any help in this direction again is truely appreciated. I'll be watching BBC for now.
  • This remake played out almost exactly the same but didn't have nearly the same delivery from the actors. Horribly Acted.

    This goes to show you why I hate remakes. It wasn't a new spin on a great show. It was exactly the same but with horrible acting! First off the plot is good. I should know I have seen season 1 of coupling so many times. Which in retrospect gives me a bias from the start. On top of that the delivery is very dry and just painful to watch but on a show were you know how it is going to play out don't you want a different take instead of suckering people in that haven't seen the original before. I can't watch this 4 episodes is enough.

    Bring back the original coupling!
  • Its literally unoriginal

    I've seen a couple of episode thank to the great thing that is the internet but it was kind of a waste of time. The original (i.e. the UK version that i have seen all of) was so much better. For one thing it was funnier plus their was not the whole nagging feeling that it's all been done before lingering at the back of your mind. They really should not have tried to do and American version. I mean what was the point?? Why didn't they just keep doing repeats of the original. It still would have been funnier.
  • This show revolves around six friends who live to talk about sex. Nothing different from the original.

    Unoriginal doesn't begin to cover this show. Absolutely nothing was changed from the British version of Coupling. Americans and Brits enjoy different types of humor... that should explain why Benny Hill is underappreciated stateside. The producers could not have honestly thought that lifting the show without changing a thing (besides the hair color on the actress playing Susan) would go over well. And not only was it lame that they used the exact same plots and dialogue, this version was lame because the cast as a whole couldn't act it's way out a thin paper sack. But I will give US Coupling one credit... watching it left me so dissatisfied that I assumed the original HAD to be better, so I began watching it and that's now one of my favorite shows.
  • Timing, plot and character development are everything. Watch the UK version.

    Buy the DVD and you can watch all 4 seasons of the UK version. The writing is wonderful. So many times I'd be eating dinner watching a couple of episodes from the DVD, and start laughing so hard I couldn't BREATHE....for 90 seconds. How scary is it to say I can relate to the characters and interactions they have? :-)

    Anyway, I'm sorry the U.S. producers tried to attempt this. I don't know who's idea it was to put "Checkmate" at episode 4 of the first season, but you can't do that: it's basically one of the last episodes of the series. Too much character development and plot back-story has happened. It's difficult to not see it as shallow.

    And my final note: some shows from the UK should be cultivated in the UK. Americanizing them is just painful.

  • That's why...

    Coupling US didn't work out because is a weird american copy of a nice show: Coupling. They could at least change the situations, the name of the characters and stuff, but no, they tried to do everything just like the original series. Too bad, didn't happen... But it was kind of nice, by the way...
  • Too Bad for us.

    Coupling was a wonderful BBC series. As the premiere date on NBC neared, BBC America began running BBC's Coupling. I watched it to be ready for the US version. I loved the BBC "Coupling" and then I watched the US version, I loved it, too (although it was practically the same script).

    NBC shouldn't have labelled it as the next Friends--because Friends was leaving at the end of the TV season. And since then, the American public was unrelenting on this program. Just look at the pie graph for this show on this website. It wasn't a bad show people. Coupling was an inventive program. And while the NBC show couldn't find an audience, the BBC show continued on BBC and BBC America lasting for 4 seasons.

    I would have liked to see what America would have done with show. But, the world will never know.
  • Pretty Bad!

    When I saw The Office US I was incredibly dissapointed that the 1st episode was almost word for word the same as the original and it was a similar feeling with this.

    Coupling should have never been made in the US, but I did find myself laughing every now and then so I am dissappointed it wasn't given at least a full season.

    It is much like the original, actually the storylines are almost exactly the same. The major let down was the Jeff replacement - he was always going to be up against it but compared to Richard Coyle (UK Jeff) he simply isn't funny.

  • It's like feeding truffles to pigs!

    This is what happens when Americans try and re-make a classic british comedy for the american viewer.
    Those who have watched coupling on BBC America know this is a classic show and that the cast works well together.
    Coupling (US) was just awful. I liek the idea of trying to use the same classic scripts but watching American actors butcher these scripts was so insulting.
    When it comes to the Giggle Loop, you have to deliver the lines with a straight face and comptently but this was not the case in the US Version. I was very Happy to see NBC woke up and killed off the American version as quickly as possible before they did any more damage to the classic BBC original.
  • This show was so bad at first, we never got to see it shine in its original episodes.

    Only four (of ten) episodes aired in the United States. Of these, three were [attempted] carbon copies of the superior British version. Even though I saw "AmeriCoupling" before the original, I found it terrible and stopped watching after the first two episodes. Somehow the same words are less funny coming out of the mouths of Americans.
    I have since gotten a chance to see the entire series and have found several episodes quite funny. "Present Tense" and "Check/Mate" for example were written for the American series and showcase the actors in this version better than the scripts written for their British counterparts do. If this show had used entirely new scripts from the beginning it may have been able to survive, it was much better when it was original and not trying too hard.
  • Go for the original

    Not much more to say than that. The original British show is a superb case study in understated humor, while this uninteresting waste of time is a prime example of how /not/ to port a British show to the US. I admit, I only watched two episodes of it, but I really would rather take a trip to the dentist...