Season 4 Episode 3

Bed Time

Aired Unknown May 24, 2004 on BBC Three



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    • Jane: You are just giving me a lift.
      Oliver: I get that.
      Jane: You can't expect to come in, have a few drinks with me and end up in my bed like some kind of a taxi driver.

    • Steve: What you are suggesting is going to her home, having sex with her and just leaving.
      Patrick: Exactly.
      Steve: It's just like when a guy goes into a restaurant and he wants to use a toilet.
      Patrick: Believe me, I tried to explain that to her.

    • Susan: Are you alright?
      Sally: Oh hello!
      Susan: It's just that you're supposed to be showing us all to the door.
      Sally: How close was I?
      Susan: Not very.
      Sally: Don't tell Susan.
      Susan: I am Susan.
      Sally: Exactly.

    • Sally: My lord, I thought you'd gone
      Patrick: My lady, how could I leave? When I have found you capable of new enchantments
      Sally: Oh them
      Patrick: Could you turn in to an elf again?
      Sally: You liked that didn't you?

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  • Allusions

    • Oliver wears a T-shirt with "Bring back Dr Who" on the back - Steven Moffat, Creator and Writer is a life-long Dr Who fan and now writer in the newly returning series.

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