Season 4 Episode 4

Circus of the Epidurals

Aired Unknown May 31, 2004 on BBC Three



  • Trivia

    • When Sally imagines herself in her "safe place," the quartet is playing the famous aria from Madame Butterfly, which Sally had asked Patrick to play in the "Remember This" episode.

  • Quotes

    • (Patrick entering the antenatal classroom)
      Patrick: Right. Hello there. Can't believe I've had an antenatal class around the corner all this time and never bothered to check it out.

    • Steve: There's going to be pain...
      Susan: Yes.
      Steve: Pain for which relief will be offered...
      Susan: Yes.
      Steve: But which, apparently, you won't want...
      Susan: Yes.
      Steve: This is not an intelligence test that anyone should fail!

    • Susan: The pain of childbirth is part of being a woman.
      Steve: Yes, but it's the part we can fix!

    • (To Oliver)
      Steve: Fact of life. If there's a woman you know, at some point she slept with Patrick. Welcome to the game. Your one of us now.

    • Susan: I just don't want to be pumped full of drugs…
      Steve: Since when?!

    • Sally: So I would just be backup then?
      Susan: Exactly.
      Sally: A birth partner…
      Susan: A lot of women do this. They choose their best friend….
      Sally: Oh Susan!
      Susan: Well… Steve is my best friend, obviously.
      Sally: Well… obviously, of course he is!
      Susan: But in the event that he… you know…
      Sally: … leaves you.

    • Susan: I'm packing a big one.
      Sally: A big one?
      Susan: We're talking enormous, far bigger than normal.
      Sally: I had no idea!
      Susan: I've got a whopper!
      Sally: Oh, you poor, poor thing…
      Susan: Tell me about it
      Sally: At least the baby should have no trouble getting out of it…
      Susan: It's the baby I'm talking about…!
      Sally: Oh…! The baby!
      Susan: The baby is heading to be eleven pounds!
      Sally: Oh my GOD!
      Susan: The exit itself is quite normally sized, thank you very much!
      Sally: Well, for NOW!

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