Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Unknown Oct 15, 2001 on BBC Three



  • Trivia

    • JEFFISM: The Visual Access Angle: When a woman's wearing a skirt, somewhere in that room, shifting all the time, there is the VAA. A clear line of sight back to base camp.

    • Ivan was also the name of Patrick's "answer phone double" in episode "Jane and the Truth Snake."

    • There is a big clap when Kate Isitt (Sally) slaps Ben Miles (Patrick) - this is because it was about the fifth take of the scene and poor Ben was nearly unconcious.

    • The little girl addresses Jane by name at one point, even though Jane hasn't actually told the girl her name.

  • Quotes

    • Harry: I'm so sorry. May I just apoligize from the very depths of my being for thinking you would have the slightest interest in anything I have to say.
      Jane: Don't be silly, it was an honest mistake.

    • Sally: Do you think I want people to know I'm some mad, lonely, desperate woman?
      Patrick: Of course not, it's just bad luck.

    • Steve: You really used to go out with this guy. (refering to Patrick)
      Susan: No idea. You've erased all other men from my memory.
      Sally: Must have taken awhile.

    • Jeff: You know what's great about skirts? When a woman's wearing a skirt, you know, you know, that somewhere in that room, shifting all the time, there is the VAA: the Visual Access Angle. A clear line of sight back to base camp.

    • Susan: It's always scary when you see that final corner approaching, isn't it? And you're thinking: did I touch his thigh often enough? Did I stare at his mouth long enough? Did I flick my hair too much?… Yeah, I used to over-flick. So easy to cross the line between suggesting flirtatious and approachable, and suggesting there's something living in your ear.

    • Patrick: I'm 33, single, with neat hair. Even I think I'm gay.

  • Notes

    • Remade for AmeriCoupling under the same name. Due to the show's cancellation, it never made it to air. There was apparently an added storyline with Jeff and either Susan or Sally instead of them all being involved with the Ivan storyline.

  • Allusions

    • Jane: I cried at "The Elephant Man".
      Jane is comparing the intelligent but overweight Harry (who has some success with women to have an ex) to the disfigured title character from the 1980 film starring Anthony Hopkins, which was based on an actual person.

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