Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Unknown May 12, 2000 on BBC Three

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  • A really great beginning

    THe very first episode of this great show, is one of the best pilots for any show I have seen. THe opening scene was really weird because my british is somewhat off so I didnt quit grasp what they were saying. In the end I think the conversation did revolve aroud sex but I wasnt sure. We first see steve and jeff talking about Jane, and sally with susan talking about patrick. I saw this episode after I had seen others and i thought susan was talking about steve. I was confused.

    the dilemma with steve is that jane is totally crazy and he cant get rid of her. this is because jane offers sex everytime he announces the breakup. jeff calls her an unflushable. i really loved this term and i wish i had more of an oppurtunity to use it but sadly no one i know experiences this problem. steve goes to the bar to try again. susan wants to dump patrick because she feels their relationship is empty and only about sex.

    so steve attempts to dump jane but she wont accept it. i was cracking when she refused to accept the breakup. i have never heard about this on any other show and it was just crazy but funny. eventually they end up in the bathroom to have a quickie. meanwhile susan is breaking up patrick. he thought they had something and she knew it was just sex. normally this situation would be from the womens perspective but i enjoyed the reverse of roles. seeing the man as the sexual beast got tiring and seeing the woman only wanting sex made this show much more interesting. he is hurt and susan encounters steve in the bathroom.

    the spark is practically instant. i saw it and it was very obvious. they had something, but steve still has jane in the stall. he makes plans with susan and also finishes with jane.

    later on at a restaurant hilarity ensues. steve is suppose to meet susan but jeff tags along. we found out earlier they previously had a thing but it didnt go anywhere. jane pops by using some psychotic way of finding steve. she tracked him and at this point I was totally in love with jane and her crazy habits. he tries to get rid of her but susan comes early. uh oh, steve tries to explain his crazy ex to susan but sally and patrick come by. so here we are all six of them, altogether meeting everyone for the first time( well some of them). susan wants everyone to leve and this leads to the best scene in the pilot. jane says she will a breast so that people can leave. of course she was joking but everyone else thinks she is serious. ok she should have never made that offer, she knew jeff and what he is all about. she is hesitant at first but eventually everyone tempts her to show her breast. everyone is awestruck. absolutely great scene. and the ending was great with the line that susan says" every relationship has its baggage why not eat with it." or soemthing tot hat effect. it was a great line and wow did that one word baggage mean a lot for this series.
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