Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Unknown May 12, 2000 on BBC Three

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  • The first episode of an amazing series.

    Welcome to the thirty-something world of Coupling! In 'Flushed' we meet Steve, a writer, Jeff, a Welsh accountant, Susan, in Economics, Sally, a beautician, Patrick, in Business, and Jane, in Entertainment. Six wise and worldly people with lots of experiences to share. Did you know Sally had to "Put a daily limit on facial expressions"? and that Steve learned you can "Wash your hands for free in the Ladie's"?
    When is an unflushable....unflushable? Steve's with Jane. He can't stand her. He wants to dump her. She won't let him. Steve meets Susan. He asks her out. He still tries to dump Jane. She still won't let him. THe episode concludes with the showing of a body part. Excellent stuff. Keep watching!