Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Unknown May 12, 2000 on BBC Three

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  • A great start for a great show!

    Steve attempts to break up with Jane, who refuses to accept it. Susan and Patrick are also breaking up, although Susan was never certain that they were "together" in the first place. Jane (who Jeff describes as "unflushable") and Steve have a sexual encounter in the ladies' room of the pub, which also happens to be where Susan goes after breaking up with Patrick. Susan and Steve meet, although they had previously as Jeff works with Susan, and Steve asks her out (while in the middle of sex with Jane).
    In classic farce style, Steve intends to break up with Jane once and for all just before dinner with Susan. Jeff is on hand for reasons nobody is quite sure of and Susan arrives early, as her beautician friend Sally canceled her facial appointment in order to have dinner with Patrick... at the same restaurant. The episode ends with Susan showing everyone else a breast - the right one, at Patrick's insistence - and all six having dinner together. As Susan sums it up: "Your ex, my ex. Your best friend, my best friend. Every new relationship has baggage, so why not invite it all out for dinner?"