Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Unknown May 12, 2000 on BBC Three

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  • A delightful introduction!

    A witty, funny, quick-paced comedy that examines the loves and lives of a couple, their best friends, and their exes.

    Susan and Steve- the relatively normal couple at the center of their friends' wacky escapades, though the happy couple have their own bumps to navigate- including their first date!

    Sally and Jeff- the best friends of Susan and Steve, respectively. Sally, a beautician, worry about her neck and skin elasticity, while Jeff freezes up an importune moments during dates. Jeff has his own phrases for certain phenomenon, which becomes a funny highlight of most episodes. Sally's political with strict ideas of what she'll allow herself.

    Jane and Patrick- the exes of Steve and Susan, respectively. Two of the most self-involved people seen outside of Seinfeld. Patrick has attributes that help only so far, but he's often as thick as a pit of quicksand. Jane just lives in a reality just next door and slightly overlapping ours. She can also be quite meanly catty and cutting, but how sane she exactly is is never pinpointed.

    This is the original mixing of the ingredients and a funny, mature sex and manners comedy emerged.

    Highly and enthusiastically recommended!
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