Season 2 Episode 3

Her Best Friend's Bottom (1)

Aired Unknown Sep 17, 2001 on BBC Three

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  • "My bottom is NOT expanding space jelly!"

    "As Susan's best friend, I am to you, a bit like...Australia."
    "Very distant, largely uninhabitable, and with areas of great danger."
    "I see! I thought it was about having a lot of convicts..."
    "You mean, I can visit your Sydney, or your Melbourne, but not your bush..."
    A very awkward situation. Steve's seen Sally naked. How can they look each other in the eye again? And is Patrick having problems with his 'car'?
    Taday's Jeff-ism: "Captain Subtext". It's where you say one thing, when you mean another.
    This episode is hilarious, especially when the screen changes to reveal what Captain Subtext is saying. Exactly why I watch this series.