Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Unknown Jun 02, 2000 on BBC Three
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Steve is plunged into total panic when he suspects that Susan has found one of his porn videos. To fill the embarrassing silence, he tells her he loves her, but Susan is well-aware that he was merely panicking. Susan invites all the friends over for a dinner party. Jane brings her therapist, Jill, who everyone assumes is there as Jane's date. In front of everyone, Susan insists that Steve justify his passion for the offending porn film, Lesbian Spank Inferno.moreless

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  • A good episode...

    While cleaning for Steve, Susan stumbles across one of his porn videos. Steve spends the episode in an increasing state of anxiety as he realises that she knows all about it. The pair invite the others for a dinner party, to which Jane brings her therapist - who the rest of the group think is her date. Jeff and Patrick, whose lesbianism fetishes have been working in overdrive throughout the episode, get off rather lightly. Steve, on the other hand, veers between an embarrassing dialogue with the therapist and having to explain the plot of the porn video - Lesbian Spank Inferno. In the course of his explanation and subsequent monologue on heterosexual males' sex drive, his feelings for Susan are made clear: he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.moreless
  • Perfect score! Inferno has to be SEEN to be BELIEVED!

    This is probably my all time favourite episode. And check out Series 4 where you'll see a return of Jill the Therapist.

    Everyone went round to Steve's house for a dinner party. Susan cooked. She also tidied up. Then she saw it. And Steve isn't sure whether Susan saw it or not. Hilarity ensues. Is it a good thing? Is it a bad thing?

    "If you decide to pop out for a quick bite, I'd be abliged if you didn't advertise the fact."

    Is Jill the Therapist Jane's friend, or Jane's date? And Steve says the immortal "I love you", but is he fair dinkum? An absolute CRACKER of an episode!moreless
  • A meditation on what guys like and the power of a converstional lull.

    This hilarious, quick-witted, creative half-hour should be in the Television Arts & Sciences Museum, if it isn't already.

    A goofy look at men and their attraction to porn, how men respond to conversational lulls, and a brilliant monolgue by the always game Jack Davenport are what this episode is about, darling. I mean goofy in the good sense. The jokes about this usually taboo subject is faced head-on and laughed and pointed at!

    The dinner is the high point, but the lead up is equally crucial and funny. the telling of the finding- from both sides- and the resulting commentary is as fun as the writing usually is. Jane's running to her ex-therapist is a hoot, and sets up one of the funnier miscommunications of the series, mixed in with Patrick's hair cut gags. there is an atte,pt to recapture this dizzy miscommunication in another episode, but this is the gold standard, with others not quite measuring up.

    Jane's sick joke at the sideboard is unexpected and may turn some off, if the subject hasn't scared those viewers off already. It was in-character for Jane, but seems too cruel and out-of-place in the episode. Yet, I'm sure it works just fine for some.

    I believe this is the best, if also not the first, Steve monolgue that Mr. Moffet gave Mr. Davenport to just run with. It was beautifully written and beautifully played. The exasperation, frustration, and embarrassment, mixed and by turns, is fully seen and heard, yet the unconscious declaration of love is underplayed just right. Ms. Alexander's reaction, a lovely, quiet realization, is equally great to see.

    There is a coda added after the credits, so please stay tuned! it's a funny follow-up from a certain dinner converstion!

    A highly recommended episode!moreless
  • Susan finds some of Steves secret tape collection.

    Very risky this episode but you come to expect that of the Coupling writers. It was very well written and the plot was great, also hilarious.

    Susan was cleaning steves house and steve forgot to remove a tape from the vcr. Ok first of all why didnt he remove when he was done? most normal people remove any type of tape when its done. but whatever steve isnt normal, well hes the most normal of the three guys. and secondly why is susan cleaning, she doesnt even live there? whatever i let these points slide because I was to busy laughing. So achwardness ensues because steve doesnt know if she knows and susan doesnt want steve to know she knows. Its an oldie but a goodie and it comes off very well in this episode.

    So steve tells the guys about this and the focus turns to the type of tape. apparently steve left the holy grail of porn tapes in the vcr. jeff apparently loves it and referred to it in pretty much the same manner. \\\"inferno\\\" is a porno featuring only lesbians. steve is worried susan knows and prays that she doesnt know about it. susan does know about it and she even watched it. The plot gets really thick and juicy at the dinner party.

    also: jane has been seeing a therapist for sometime but she doesnt know that they ended sessions. janes scenes with the therapist are really funny and the lady who plays the therapist is great at not being exactly comedic but she has a strong sarcastic tone that is very funny.

    another also: patrick got a new haircut that the guys think make him look gay, i think he looks like some weird bird with gel in his hair, but whatever. this leads to homosexual hijinx later on.

    at the dinner party a whole lot goes on and it all is just gut busting. first off jane brings her therapist which makes every one else think that she is playing on her lesbian side for the evening. jane also makes it seem that way. the porno incident traveled around and everybody pretty much spills the beans. steve is mad at susan for telling her friends and vice versa.

    at the actual dinner, janes therapist thinks patrick is gay and i would have made that assumption also. the conversation eventually gets to the lesbian porno and also if its possible to convert a gay person. i had to disagree with patricks reasoning because he thought they could be swayed but it led to some innuendo with the therapist. susan claims its porn but steve claims its erotic art, not much of a difference. susan wants him to explain the plot. its all about spanking people,lol. thats really. lesbian spank inferno which is about film students rushing to win a prize. steves explaination is one of the best scenes from the show. it all boils down to a revelation in which he belts out that he wants to spend the rest of his life with susan. shocking moment but it was great.

    and after the credits patrick is shown in bed with the therapist. a great episode with a nice ending that pushes the couple further into happiness and being together forever.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Just how long did Steve & Jane date? In "Flushed", it was 4 years, in "Sex, Death & Nudity", it was 4.5 years, and in this episode, Jane claims it was 5 years while she's having wine with Susan & Sally.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Steve: Oh, come on, The Piano?
      Jane: All men hate that film.
      Jeff: I liked it. Holly Hunter was naked for most of it.
      Sally: She was nude in one scene!
      Jeff: Depends how you watch it...

    • Patrick: I can't believe you said you loved her. She wasn't even naked!

    • Susan: Trust me, most marriage proposals are the result of a longer than average silence.

    • Jane (about Steve): He said he loved you?
      Susan: It's what men do when there's a gap in the conversation. They hate silence, it makes them feel guilty. Pause for a second and they ask you what's wrong, two seconds and they ask if you've got your period, three seconds and they love you.

    • Jane: I'm an emotional vegetarian. I know a lot of vegetarians and we tend to like the same films.

    • Steve (talking about Susan): Does she now think I'm some kind of masturbating pervert?
      Jeff: You are.
      Patrick: We all are.
      Steve: True.

    • Jane: Maybe tidying is true love.
      Sally: Nah, oral sex.

    • Jeff: Well?
      Patrick: Porn?
      Steve (Head on his arms): Yes!
      Jeff: Which one? (Steve raises his head and looks at Jeff.) Not.... Inferno?
      Steve: Inferno! Oh my God.
      Patrick: No problem.
      Jeff: What?
      Patrick: As long as she hasn't watched any of it, I mean, you can't tell anything from a title like Inferno?
      Steve: Patrick, Inferno isn't the full title.
      Patrick: Well, how bad can it be?
      Sally (in the girls' hangout): Lesbian Spank Inferno?

    • Jill: We agreed two months ago to end your therapy as it was going nowhere. Remember?
      Jane: I thought it was an exercise to help me cope with rejection.
      Jill: No, that was rejection.

    • Steve: I want to spend the rest of my life with the woman at the end of that table there, but that does not stop me wanting to see several thousand more naked bottoms before I die, because that's what being a bloke is. When man invented fire, he didn't say, "Hey, let's cook." He said, "Great, now we can see naked bottoms in the dark." As soon as Caxton invented the printing press, we were using it to make pictures of, hey, naked bottoms! We have turned the Internet into an enormous international database of naked bottoms. So you see, the story of male achievement through the ages, feeble though it may have been, has been the story of our struggle to get a better look at your bottoms.

    • Sally: You know, I have never understood the male obsession with lesbianism - a whole area of sex with nothing for them to do. Just answered my own question, haven't I?

    • Steve: I like naked women. I'm a bloke. I'm supposed to like them. We're born like that. We like naked women as soon as we're pulled out of one. Halfway down the birth canal we're already enjoying the view.

    • Steve: It's the four pillars of the male heterosexual psyche: we like naked women, stockings, lesbians, and Sean Connery best as James Bond because that's what being a boy is.

    • Patrick: I like films with lesbians in them because it's nice to think there are attractive women out there who can't find a boyfriend.

    • Jane: Vegetarianism for me is about saying yes to things, even meat.

    • Jeff: Oh, wouldn't that be great... being a lesbian. All the advantages of being a man, but with less embarrassing genitals.Plus every time you have sex, there's four breasts: two guest breasts and two you can take home afterwards.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Sally: Well, I found The Piano very erotic.

      The Piano is a 1993 Academy Award-winning film about a mute pianist and her daughter, set during the mid-19th century in a rainy, muddy frontier New Zealand backwater.

    • The title card reading "The Indignant Seven" is a nod to the movie title "The Magnificent Seven".