Season 2 Episode 2

My Dinner in Hell

Aired Unknown Sep 10, 2001 on BBC Three

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  • Is 'going solo' a big deal in relationships? And Jane decides to stalk celebrities.

    When Steve tries to relax, he 'whistles'. But is it the ol' innocent whistling, or 'solo whistling'? Everyone whistles, it's perfectly natural. And then Steve has to have dinner with Susan's parents, when the subject of 'whistling' comes up.....
    After watching an embarrassing program on TV with Susan, Steve bumps into his dream celebrity, Mariella Frostrup, in the bar, but it is not the dream encounter he might like, as she pours her drink down his trousers. Jane and Sally attempt to make friends with her. Patrick discovers he's been 'sculptured', but not in his best interests. Jeff is known as 'caravan shaker'....