Season 2 Episode 8


Aired Unknown Oct 22, 2001 on BBC Three

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  • A match for Jeff? Saints preserve us!

    This particular episode of Coupling again features Jeff in his unending search for a compatible woman. As a regular viewer might guess, that's a tough woman to find. However, it looks as though he's finally found his match in Julia. Though she is his superior at the office, she's his match in ineptitude when it comes to the dating game.

    After the pair have an initial encounter that is related in two incredibly different ways to their friends by the principals, the stage is set for an ending that is sure to shock. It seems at first glance to be one of the cruelest fates ever to befall our friend Jeff, but the writers manage to pull it out and leave us happy.

    This isn't necessarily my favorite episode, but with a series this funny, even the non-favorites are head and shoulders above most of the other comedies on television. And any episode that features Jeff is worth watching.
  • Jeff is not in the sock zone, but butt naked!!!

    This is one of the funniest episodes of the show since Sex, Death and Nudity! And once again, poor Jeff is naked, but not just from visualizaiton, but ACTUALLY BUTT NAKED!!!

    Jeff is someone most of us feel great sympathy for--he has the bad habit of saying the wrong things at the wrong time and ruining his chances with women. His new supervisor, Julia Davis, is somewhat the female equivalent of Jeff, but a little less extreme. Well, except for the fact that anytime she\'s attracted to a man, her chest moves to pop her breasts out! The two are attracted to eachother, but are so hapless it seems that they may not get together.


    Things happen to fall into place between encouragement from Steve on Jeff\'s part and from Susan & the girls for Julia. Sally makes the remark that if a woman manages to drop the word \"naked\" nonchalantly into part of the conversation here and there at least three times, it will get a man who\'s attracted to her to rise to attention so to speak. Julia actually tries this later in the elevator but it comes out as \"You should see me naked!\" While this is definately something Jeff wants, the awkwardness of the whole thing send me rolling on the floor laughing.

    Meanwhile, poor Jeff is recalling these horrible nightmares he has about making a pass at a woman whom he\'s misread, getting arrested, handcuffed and stripped naked and then being scolded by his mother who\'s wearing a Police Matron\'s uniform and hauled before a miniature guillotine to have his penis chopped off! YIKERS! Sigmund Freud would have had a FIELD DAY with Jeff!!!

    Steve finally takes action to get Julia and Jeff together--he informs her that it\'s Jeff\'s 30th birthday and she gets his friends and some of his coworkers together to throw him a surprise party. She approaches him after the office is closed, kisses him and tells him she\'s going to give him a treat for his birthday. She also informs him that she likes a few deviant (kinky) things, takes off his tie and ties it as a blindfold around his head. She leads him into the room where the suprise party is going to be.

    Jeff, all excited now, starts celebrating verbally and takes off his clothes (he manages to be sure to remove his socks before his undershorts, so he\'s not just a silly naked man in socks--avoiding the sock zone). This appalls everyone and just as he removes his undershorts, his mom and dad come in, she screams \"Jeffrey! Jeffrey! Jeffrey! I\'m so disappointed in you!\" just like his horrible nightmare. Everyone leaves except for Julia, who indicates she did this on purpose and then she starts taking off her clothes.

    While part of me feels sorry for some of Jeff\'s awkward and embarassing moments, I\'m glad he manages to get the girl! WHOO HOO!!! Of course, the fact that Julia gets off on having Jeff humiliated *might* be cause for concern, but given how both of them tend to embarass themselves when they\'re attracted to someone (recall the \"nipples\" incidents with Jeff), it might just mean she\'ll be completely horny for him for a while!

    Nothing quite as funny as what a man does to embarass himself when he wants a woman! ;-)