Season 4 Episode 1

Nine and a Half Minutes

Aired Unknown May 10, 2004 on BBC Three

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  • this eppisode is told in three parts from the 3 couple's perspectives... pure genious

    Of all the eppisodes I have to say that this one, is one of my faves. I know some people would say that the fourth season got worse because of Jeff leaving, but I say it still kept it's edge.

    Jeff was funny, but the relation ship between sally and patrick is priceless and the comedy that does on between the two of them is hillarious.

    This eppisode is a prime example of the amazing story telling methods that they used to tell the story of this show.

    each time going around through the 9 and a half minutes being told from a different couple's perspective you gett a better idea of what is happening.

    this show and eppisode is pure genious