Season 4 Episode 1

Nine and a Half Minutes

Aired Unknown May 10, 2004 on BBC Three



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    • (Talking to Oliver thinking he's a gynecologist)
      Oliver: So why are you asking about John Hurt?
      Steve: Well...
      Susan: Maybe I should explain. I'm in a John Hurt way at the moment. (making the sign and a noise of an alien erupting out of her)
      Oliver: Right...
      Steve: She means... She's incubating an alien life form and one day it's going to climb out and destroy our world.

    • Susan: Can we please talk about this pregnancy without bringing up John Hurt?
      Steve: No man can do that!

    • Sally: So why a dating agency?
      Jane: Because I'm tired of wasting my time on people who aren't desperate... which thinking about it was probably the wrong thing to say on my video message.

    • Susan: Is there a noise coming from your bag?
      Jane: Oh. It's my phone, it's on vibrate. But it's no substitute, is it?!

    • Jane: You know, for a minute there I thought I was having a date with my gynecologist.
      Oliver: Oh christ! I'm sorry it's just such a short skirt.

    • (on finding out that Patrick is leaving in 4 minutes)
      Sally: There are a lot of things that I want to say, but given our time restraints, I'll summerise the first ten pages. (she slaps him)
      Patrick: (grabs his face where Sally hit him) I think I get the gist of that, yeah.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Steve likens childbirth to the Alien, from Alien, bursting from John Hurt's character's chest.

    • Oliver's fantasy, science fiction, horror bookshop is called "Hell-mouths", which is a reference to the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, in which a hell-mouth is a prominent plot device.

    • Jeff travelling to the island Lesbos is not completely in error since the word "lesbian" is actually derived from the islands name.

    • The title refers to the fact that this episode consists of three parts, each depicting the same time-interval of exactly 9 1/2 minutes from a different point of view. It is also a nod to the Kim Basinger-Mickey Roarke movie, 9 1/2 Weeks and frames the fourth season with the last episode "9 1/2 months".