Season 4 Episode 6

Nine and a Half Months (2)

Aired Unknown Jun 14, 2004 on BBC Three

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  • Brilliant Finale

    I haven't heard a word if Coupling is coming back, but if it doesn't this is definately a very high note to end the series on.

    Its happy endings all round with Susan having the baby and after the baby boy looks into Steve's eyes you get the impression that he is ready to grow up and that he is a changed man.

    Sally has found out that Patrick has slept with Jane, but Patrick proposes to Sally and everything turn out fine and Dandy!

    Oliver, all ready for sex with Jane has a fair bit of trouble getting Jane's attention to let him into her house. It seems like ages but in one of the funniest moments of the episode Jane points out that he was waiting for only 5 minutes.

    Jane admits to Steve that she is finally completely over him and ready to start a relationship with Oliver.

    So everything seems to be wrapped up nicely for what has been a brilliant comedy. Even when Jeff left and Oliver arrived the show didn't lose much of its quality. (Although no-one will ever compare to Jeff!)

    Its a great note to end on and as much as I would love to see a fifth season I can't see them coming back.
  • The Coupling gang closes out there season with the exciting birth of Steve and Susan’s baby. The happy event leads to revelations in all those around and brings back an old friend, in a way.

    Even thought the show is said to only be on hiatus, I think that this episode would have made a fine final episode of the series. We see all the characters go through some kind of major growth.
    The first thing one has to acknowledge is the shift in the format of the show this season. In the past it had been about a group of friends held together by Steve and Susan’s relationship. However in this season the show became about three sets of couples.
    First up there is Steve and Susan who have been together the longest and are having a baby together. They are still the backbone of the show because they are the old hats at relationships now and often the ones giving advice to the other characters. Next there is Patrick and Sally, the couple who has been dating for a while now, but still trying to work their way through the minefield of their relationship. And finally we have Jane and Oliver two people who are just beginning to date.
    Now in this we see each of these relationships moving through to the next level. With Patrick and Sally we see them get through their petty fighting and get engaged. Jane and Oliver consummate their relationship on a physical level, but more we see that perhaps Jane is finally over Steve and ready to open her heart again to Oliver. But it’s Steve who really gives this episode a feeling closure. For with the birth of his child we see a maturity in Steve that was never there before, we see that perhaps Steve really is ready for this. We even get closure on Jeff, in a weird and disturbing kind of way.
    So while I would love to see more of this show, I think I would be okay with how they ended it here.